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Will be interesting to see how the team responds after the international break. Except Kjaer, no one else played 2 full matches with their NT. N’Zonzi played twice for France but came in as a sub twice. Also Banega started only the last one for Argentina, where they shockingly lost 2-4 to Nigeria, haha!

It’s Berizzo’s ex-team and he surely knows what they can be up to, so hopefully he has prepared something good for tonight.

The 3 points will be hugely needed in this one as then we will have a tough schedule starting from Liverpool on Saturday, so a high morale is always welcomed.


I think the Liverpool game will cast its shadow over today’s performance and Manager Berizzo is unlikely to throw all his key assets into the starting 11.

I’d take a boring game with a disputed penalty giving us 3 points, and no injuries.

I’d prefer we bashed them 4-0 in first half and rested key players for the second half.

If we don’t get a result, it will surely increase the appetite to turn over Liverpool, so in some ways it’s a win win game.


Vamos Sevilla! Let’s go on a run now! Huge 2 home games coming up, we can do it!


Official lineup:


Corchia Geis Lenglet Escudero

N’Zonzi Pizarro


Sarabia Nolito


Not bad… let’s get the 3 points!

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That defense doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.


Yeah, sadly.

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I’m probably in the minority here, but Soria has done nothing to keep this starting job. His positioning has been terrible.


Great ball by Geis and we finally score

Watch the first half without doing other things (rare for me), defense is absolute crap, (though it has been since… Forever?)
Attackers positioning are very bad especially Muriel.
Lots of useless passing due to bad positioning.
I can’t see any kind of style this team is trying to play.
Could someone tell me what is Berizzo ideal style…? Barcelona type?

We’re dominating the match and Celta has got nothing on us.

However, not understanding why Mudo gets a start and Ganso doesnt, in the type of match where Ganso is highly needed?

Mudo wasted 3 great chances, where he at least should’ve scored on 1, and I’m willing to bet Ganso would’ve scored on at least 2 of them. Weak performance by him so far in the first half. Probably he functions better in a 3-5-2 or some sort like Sampaoli’s system.

Soria’s positioning in that one resembled a Tercera’s goalkeeper, very amateurish. He hasn’t been tested much otherwise.

Lenglet is a rock at CB, and can’t really blame Geis for a couple of marking errors (one of them could’ve costed us another goal), as he’s being forced to play in a very unnatural position, especially taking his height in consideration. Berizzo inspired by his Chile days as an assistant there where Medel featured at CB, weirdly enough, but their system was totally different and national team play is totally different from clubs. Perhaps calling up a CB from our Segunda team would’ve been better, even long term (experience etc.)?

Good too see Muriel score there, and it was a good header with a good cross from Geis. Geis has been praised for his set pieces, especially the free kicks while at Schalke. The guy can cross well and we should use that, not only at CB but rather field him at DM (natural position) as well.

Nolito also not doing much attacking, but he is involved in the defense and trying to recover balls, so that’s ok… I guess.

Expecting more from Sarabia as well. Pizarro and N’Zonzi solid, Escudero should do more, Corchia needs to be careful with Sisto with that yellow, and Soria should cut that amateurish crap and try to really compete for a place, otherwise we’ll have Rico forever.

We can win this one!


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We rotate so much that the guys are never in sync with each other.

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Probably something that even Berizzo couldn’t answer. We definitely look lackluster at times, with no clear strategy, and the reason we’re scoring a lot from the set pieces lately is mainly that… no fluent gameplay leading to goals = score however you can. We know how to score, just we can’t do it through Berizzo’s “system”… if it is a system or a strategy at all.

The sooner the team knows what they’re doing, the better for them and for us too, including Berizzo.

I’m confident we can go on and win! However, we lucky Vigo never scored a couple more. We ended the half better. We need better intensity in 2nd half!

Vamos sevilla!

Sarabia to Nolito. Banging header

Nolito!! Cracking cross from sarabia and great header from nolito! Vamos!

Huge win! Glad we seen it out! Our impressive home record continues!

Bring on Liverpool!

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poor postion, exactly, we need a goalkeeper.

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No coherence to our play, but the overall equation is that we overcome by a small margin and that was the outcome. But if we don’t dominate games then one day we’ll get turned over big style. That was a big game for Sevilla and the curse of the Champions did not affect us, perhaps until the 80th minute when we were undecided, but we stuck to the job and got the points. Nolito was useless apart from the goal.

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Shame that Ganso can’t get a game but Mudo was just inches away from a hat trick. I’d alternate the two, because the one thing that Ganso needs is more minutes on the pitch, I know it’s his second year but he’s the real deal to win big games.

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We could’ve scored more, but definitely could’ve conceded at least 3-4 goals tonight. Some poor marking in the defense, mainly on Geis’s side (can’t really blame him), but luck was with us tonight. Maybe the luck was balanced as if every chance would go in, it would’ve finished something like: 6-4 or similar, still a win for us and important 3 points.

Now time to beat the bastards of Liverpool!

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