CDR23 - Quarter-Final : Sevilla FC at Osasuna

Lots of time left. We probably won’t do anything with it, but it’s still there!

Another time is probably asking too much. But cmon boys!

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Our defending has been awful, way too much space for them. They could have killed the game much earlier but couldn’t finished. Now we finally get punished for refusing to defend

Oof. Lamela’s out here on a slip 'n slide…

Giving me Óscar flashbacks

I hate short corners FYI!


Love how they take two minutes to take every free kick or throw in

We looked like a mid-table Segunda team anyway.

Worth noting is that Lamela definitely has very low football IQ. He has raw dribbling talent which he often wastes, but that’s it. Not enough for a winger in modern football. His overall team-play is disastrous.


Last minute was depressing…

Good luck to Osasuna. First decent team we met, is the end. Just losing another life line to save the season.

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I think I speak for this entire forum when I say that we all knew, and have known for a long time, that this team is shit and doesn’t have the talent, coaching, or management leadership to offer a competitive product.

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Congrats to Osasuna. All i can say right now.

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Nah fuck them.


I don’t hate on them. They are the better team right now. Same scoreline as the La liga match. We weren’t as bad as usual, but the lack of creativity in the final third kills us. Hats off to the players busting their ass to the end.

Also, does En-Nesyri kissing the badge mean he ain’t going anywhere?

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Players gave it everything but as has been the case most of the season lacked quality in the final third. Osasuna were better. Our respective positions in the league and their two wins over us don’t lie. They’re a better side right now.

Shame we couldn’t progress to the semi-finals and maybe our best chance of European football gone next season, but I reckon we’d all rather just make sure we’re playing La Liga football. Cup was a potential distraction so at least the focus can be on the league now. I don’t care much for the Europa League this season either.


Missed the match but caught the highlights. We actually played decent and for the away team were created quite a few chances.

We just weren’t clinical enough and our defence let us down again in crucial moments. We gave a terrible 2nd goal away where we were left wide open. We keep getting exposed to easily like this and it needs addressed.

Good to see YEN score again and he does look sharper and best I seen him in long time.

It’s a missed chance to go a step further but our bread and butter is league. The big game is elche and winning that is much more important. Vamos sevilla!