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Time to bring back the good morale within the team. The next 8 days, not including tonight’s match which should be pretty easy, will be very important for the shape of our season. First, it will show whether the last 2 matches were just some silly mistakes that could’ve been avoided, or that we’re just not too good to do anything remarkable this season. We will be facing a very good defensive side like Leganes at home, and we all know the importance of the match vs. Spartak… anything but a victory there will mean we’re out of CL’s knockout stage.

Today should be an opportunity to see Geis play the full 90 minutes or at least start and get subbed later in the second half. Also, why not try a 4-4-2 with 2 strikers just for the sake of it?

I’d experiment a bit and go with:

Soria (a starter at least till January)

Corchia - Mercado - Kjaer - Carole

Sarabia - Geis - Ganso - MKD/Correa

           Correa/WBY - Muriel

Yeah it definitely is shedmn. I been in hospital last 2 weeks and now seeing us slip up with 3 losses is a painful time for me.

I am back to commenting on board tonight though. Vamos sevilla!


I battling on but been struck with a terrible infection of ecoli. I thought I might die but I’m battling guys.

A win for sevilla tonight would mean so much :slight_smile:

Oh man Mark. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you get well soon. Please let us know if we can help out in any way.

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TaThanks Chris. Being able to start to you guys is more than enough. I not giving up on my dreams and getting to watch sevilla next year.

It’s times like this where
you just realise how lucky I am to have the small. I’m just glad I still alive and hopefully I’m on mend guys. Might take some time


Very sad to hear that Mark. E Coli can be a very bad thing as a relative of mine had it, but fortunately it went well. Don’t rush things and take care of your self. Hoping for a speedy recovery of yours, let tonight’s Sevilla win be for you!

Crikey Mark get well soon but how did you get ecoli.

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Official starting lineup:

Soria,Corchia,Geis,Lenglet,Carole,MKD,Borja Lasso, Ganso, Sarabia, Correa, WBY.

Geis at CB? Anything goes these days…

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It’s a risky starting 11, hope the playing surface is not bumpy.

Second thoughts, it’s not a bad lineup. Hope Carole continues to show he’s a decent player. It’s the Ganso to Correa connection or the Lasso to Sarabia that should prove contrasting.

Chipotle? If you guys even know what that is over there. haha

CArold getting forward really well, but we are really subject to counters today.

Correa needed to get a yellow for that shitty dive

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WBY with a great opportunity that he strikes right at the keeper after a great through ball by ??? I couldn’t tell from the camera angle.

Sevilla looking regular, then a great move by Correa, results in goal for Sarabia

Great goal by Sarabia! Pretty chip over the keeper. WBY with the assist.

From terrible infection. The scary thing is, the cause is still unknown.

Thanks for the support guys and everything. I will keep strong and take my time witheverything!

Vamos Sevilla


Taconazo de Ganso, Correa makes it 0-2

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Muriel warming up

It’s a bit scary that Carole has been offside twice and the replay shows him well onside.