Caparrós in Montella out

Caparrós to take over first team training from tomorrow.



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I like the idea though. Caparros will take charge of the team only for the 4 remaining matches in the league, and then move on to another position (not sure if it is the sports director role). So we’ll have a new manager for the 2018-19 season and not Caparros, but the general idea is for the club to be surrounded with ‘Sevilla blood’, and that’s how it should’ve always been!

This will be a big learning experience (for me), just to compare what I remember of Caparroz (the memory plays tricks) while the other manager I have respect for, Emery, was very organized and disciplined, Caparroz’ teams seem to manage the ball well in a similar fashion. Emery’s first and third season we suffered the away form problem. Can’t ever remember that with Caparroz.

Remember Sampaoli? we were playing some of the best teams and notching up 80% of the possession in fortress Pizjuan, sometimes 68-78% away from home. We now play a similar cavalier style but without the possession, and the result is predictable, disaster.

And another thought, that’s twice that Nzonzi has had a diciplinary issue and the trainer has been fired soon after.

As long it’s not for next season as well, this is fine.

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Even more so than the Berizzo sacking, this was needed. I must admit, i thought Montella would be better than this, but his inexperience showed. I could at least thank him for bringing us to the CL quarters, where I saw that we aren’t that far off the big boys.

This was always gonna be a difficult season, with the multitude of changes at the club over the summer (even almost a change of club presidents.) Frankly it could have been much worse, but quite simply, it wasn’t a good season. Now with 4 games left, i still don’t know whether i want EL for next season or not. In my eyes, let the other Liga clubs suffer with 3 competitions, while we hopefully take advantage when they run out of gas.

And welcome back Caparrós! I wonder if he’ll bring back that old 4-4-2. Carlos Fernández certainly deserves another look in.

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That didn’t work out from 2011 to 2013 until we were luckily qualified through the 9th place (after other teams failing to obtain the licenses). I believe that the European competitions motivate the right team to do well in the league. This was simply not the right team.

Yes, I agree with all comments. We needed to be brought back on track and having a staunch Sevillsta management team is a good and logical choice. The Montella period at the club to be fair is difficult to judge, we lost focus and interest in the league matches for the exicting lure of the cup competitions. Maybe some players have their eye on moving in the summer. We need a rebuild and an injection of intensity and passion in our play. Ideally combining the Sampoili adventure with Emery’s tactical discipline - although that is probably impossible. Ive always thought having a good wide attacking strategy and rapid, dogged closing the ball down has been the hallmarks of our success over the years. In general i see potentially a great squad, but too many players dont seem to feel part of it. Caparros is a perfect fit for now. It will be interesting to see what happens to Il Capo Maresca. I enjoyed his involvement and hope he can stick around for a while.

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Caparroz did a press conference yesterday, one of the reporters asked him if he’d looked into the eyes of the players. He replied ‘yes and I also looked them in the balls’.

You see, he’s a bit crude at times.

Disappointed that he doesn’t envisage great changes to the usual starting 11. Sevilla Atletico were relegated, there are no great talents languishing there, but quite rightly he sees a lot of top quality players in the main squad.

He’s never managed players of this pay grade before, it could be difficult for him. Nzonzi seems forgiven, Corchia also rejoins training. Good luck Joaquin.

Emery in talks with Real Sociedad… why Sevilla FC management? Why don’t you try to bring him back? The same mistake happened with Bacca this season :confused:

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It could be that he doesn’t want to return and La Real is his home terrirory, being a Basque.

But my opinion is that Sevilla should be fighting for him, although I’m surprised he doesn’t look for a big club with regular Champions.

Caparroz’s first squad (no Navas)

Sergio Rico, David Soria, Layún, Nico Pareja, Gabriel Mercado, Lenglet, Sergio Escudero, Roque Mesa, Steven Nzonzi, Ever Banega, Geis, Sarabia, Franco Vázquez, Correa, Nolito, Sandro, Ben Yedder y Luis Muriel