Cadiz - SEVILLA FC (Copa Rel Rey 1st Leg)

After the new year’s break, it somehow feels that we haven’t player in a very long time.

New coach, same players except Arana, but he didn’t make the list, instead we have N’Zonzi. Not sure if Arana is even training as of now, and a bit weird that Montella has only called Escudero up, so we only have 1 LB for the match tonight, not even Carole.

Anyway, I was going to post a half-season analysis, but now it doesn’t matter too much since we have a new coach, and only at the end of the season we can make a deeper analysis if Montella fulfills his contract until the end (I hope he proves himself worth this second part of the season).

Some of the key things that need to be improved, as I’m very optimistic that we have the players to do so, just need a good approach, are:

  1. The deadly counters of Emery era

  2. Fighting for the ball, a lot of fouls in the middle of the pitch and more yellows

  3. Defending as a team

  4. Playing as a team, no place for unnecessary selfishness!

For tonight, I’d predict something like this, supposing Montella will go at 4-3-3 immediately:


Mercado - Kjaer - Lenglet - Escudero

    Pizarro  - Banega - Mudo

Sarabia/Navas Correa/Nolito

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