Black Edition Shirt (Limited Edition)

Has anyone seen this? I was almost tempted to buy one, but then I thought, it’s just a plain Black Nike Top with a few Red details. Is it worth almost £80 by the time I get it shipped to the UK. :thinking::confused:

So they want us to pay 59€ to advertise a betting service? no thanks.

Is that what it is for?

Right??? Does the sponsor really have to be on there like that? I’ll pass.

I hate that the sponsor is on there, but that kit is awesome and I hope I can get one. :slight_smile:

no real difference to the black training tshirt - other than the logos are in white and not red

I picked up one of those when I was in Sevilla last month. Still like this one too though.

Does anyone know if the Winter training wear is out of stock online as they haven’t had it in stock yet, or is it all just sold out?

I was going to buy the Black shirt, but €59 for the shirt, €30 for shipping just really isn’t worth it unfortunately.

The black training shirt is nice! I picked one up when i was in town.

Winter training wear up now if anyone interested.

Just ordered two different sweatshirts, the matching training trousers, and then the Black Edition Shirt and the Shorts to match.

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My order came today. The training where looks a lot more Black than in the pictures. Also I ordered the Black Edition Shirt, but wasn’t sent a cap with it, it was my understanding that jersey came with a cap. :thinking::man_shrugging:

I really like the black shirt. May look to buy it when I’m out in a few week. Also really like the pinky/red training shirt

Mine is still in its packaging at the moment, not going to take it out until we move now.