Berizzo sacked again

Athletic Club sack Eduardo Berizzo, appoint Gaizka Garitano

13 games without a win, looking like he was in danger of making history in taking Athletic down the 2nd.

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It seems that he needs to reshape his system/strategy before starting to work for another club again. His vision was only viable with Celta and their players during his reign, even that wasn’t anything extra-ordinary - rather average, but it worked well for those guys.

I wish him good luck anyway.


I wish him good luck, but I think the problem is Athletic not Berizzo, they look destined for the second for the first time in their history.


Atheltic’s team is too good to go down, Inigo Munian and Williams are all good players and with a wave of decent talent in their ranks they should be able to turn it around and aim for a mid-table finish.

As for Berizzo, maybe he should take a break for a moment. Some minor tweaks and he’ll be back in the game, the same cannot be said for Montella.

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I really like Williams. I wish we could get him.

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