Benfica vs Sevilla FC - 2018 Friendly #3 12PM ET

Team List:
Sergio Rico, Vaclik, Corchia, Nico Pareja, Carriço, Escudero, Arana, Sarabia, Correa, Amadou, Roque Mesa, Franco Vázquez, Borja Lasso, Nolito, Ben Yedder, Genaro, Fede San Emeterio, Lara , Pejiño and Marc Gual.

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Vamos Sevilla!

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The first pre-season match that I’ll watch from the beginning to the end. Now it begins!

Starting XI:

Pareja - Amadou - Carriço
Correa - Mesa - Vázquez - Arana
Nolito - Sarabia

Not a bad first half, but not inspiring either.

Arana should be loaned out, he’s definitely not even near the “new Marcelo” epitome, he lacks pace. Nolito, Pareja and Correa should never start in a serious match (official season). Mudo should probably be sold and Vaclik should be a starter. Not that he showed anything, but anyone is better than Rico at this point, plus he seems to be calm when playing with feet - can’t bare to see Rico between the sticks anymore, had enough of him last season.

Mesa and Amadou look solid, Sarabia and WBY will probably do better when used to the tactics, Carrico could be a good sub for the back 3.

Hoping to get a win in the second half, not that it matters much, but only because of the nasty Benfica players that lack respect (along with their fans).

Correa can’t play RWB. Can be dangerous going forward, but too undisciplined for the def. side, caught out of position too often.

Nolito is still trash.

Mudo looked decent deeper in midfield, but it leaves us a bit weak centrally. (I hope this isn’t us extending an olive branch, cause i want him gone too.)

Sarabia’s a bit off form. Kinda like how he ended last season.

Amadou is good cover at CB. But for the 2 elder statesmen, i’d have to go with Carriço if we were to keep one. Pareja was done 2 years ago. Goes to ground to much, and will get burned as a wide CB.

A bunch of canteranos coming on now in the 75’. Judging from that 2nd half vs Bournemouth, i guess that’s game over?

Shameful performance. Not a single proper chance created for 90 mins.

Rico… what a funny clown, it’d be a tragedy if he stays at the club.

I’d be surprised if any other player that played today except: Vaclik, Amadou, Escudero, Mesa and WBY would start in a serious official match. Sarabia needs to get back on form to be considered.

It’s a bit scary… Ujpest could harm us as the real first teamers are either a) not still at 100% (on vacation etc.) or b) not signed up yet

Where the hell was Navas anyway, is he injured or something?

Yea Navas and didn’t make the trip. I guessing that’s why Machín didn’t wanna risk Corchia. I think the Correa experiment at RWB was to get him used to the def. duties of the system.

But yes, it was a pathetic display. The lack of signings & missing starters are indeed the reason Shend. I wonder if Machín will try BenYedder & Gual up front together. He does rely on a target man for his system, so why not a front 2?

We are in unchartered territory really, the transfer market is crazy overpriced, we have 5 world cup players awaiting return, some will be sold, Navas still injured, Nzonzi with one foot out of the club, offers for others, it’s a real dog’s dinner and needs a lot of perspective, planning, cunning and calm.

But I think we are doing the right thing proceeding slowly, because Amadou is OK and was a good purchase, it’s always a good sign that the first new player looks the real deal, Pejiño looks like he’ll make the squad and we have the rest of July and August to bring in the players we will need for the new style.

Personally I would have preferred to gut the squad and replace most of the key players ‘a la Monchi’ but the transfer market is in some sort of traffic jam, a lot can happen in a week.

Is the friendly vs. Arsenal cancelled already?

Soccerway showing a scheduled friendly vs. Extremadura on 5th of August.

I think all the rest of the ICC matches were cancelled because of the Europa League

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