Barcelona vs Sevilla — Matchday 9

You already know what it is. One of the most pivotal Barça-Sevilla matches in recent history. This ain’t for no Supercup or a CDR, but for so much more.

Starting XI:

Carriço - Kjær - Gómez
Navas - Sarabia - Vázquez - Arana
BenYedder - AndréSilva


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Man Arana off the post!

well that was anti climatic. :frowning:

Need to bring Mesa on. We’re not winning any second balls. Take off one of the CBs.

Every time we get out on the counter, it ends up with Silva or WBY out wide. Need them in the box. Arana and Silva have been good. Mudo looks slower than usual. Carrico needs to be subbed.

As always, we tend to find creative ways to succumb to either Messi or Cristina… mostly Messi. No wonder he’s the best in the world, however, I’m not too optimistic that we’ll get a draw after conceding those two pathetic goals (even with Messi off) - their defense is handling our counters pretty well and we don’t seem to be in a good enough mood to do anything positive tonight.

Sarabia needs to be subbed off, maybe Vidal, Promes and/or Mesa in, not sure. They’ve had many chances on counters so this could end up similar to the CDR final if we don’t score soon after the second half starts.

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A lot of problems exposed.
Shaky Arana and carrico defense, general lack of pace and strength in midfield, unforced error, WBY provide nothing on the ball, and more.
Please bring Promes in 2nd half.

Sergi Gómez is getting torched! Jolazo’s right about Mudo. We all know he’s slow, but this time he’s just ineffective. Our attacks have become predictable, hence no clear cut chances, apart from hitting the post from Arana’s longshot.

With Messi out the game, we have to take advantage. There’s no better time to beat Barça than when La Pulga isn’t playing. It’s still within reach. VAMOS!!!


Yeah I thought Gomez was the worst of the worst this first half.

Mercado is on the bench, he could use some mins!

Banega needs to step up

Shit losing Kjaer would be terrible. He’s off Sevilla playing with 10 until Mercado can get ready.

That’s gotta be a pk - holy shit clear hand ball.

lol in Camp Nou?

Fuck me Ter Stegen.

Gotta take Carrico off. Shocking defending. Vaclik had no choice.

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Mudo a little slow to react there, should have been a goal. Game over :frowning:

Does Machin know we’re getting our ass kicked? What the fuck is with these subs?

Game over.
After this game we should realized that getting a 4th should be the target rather than dreaming about title.
These players are nowhere near the level needed to reach top 2.
Not even close.
Technique size, in all these years, players after players, our midfields and CBs are still god damn slow.
I can’t remember how many times all these years I read tactical analysis saying that Sevilla are really a slow team in defense and midfield…

Carrico has been horrific this half.