Bacca to Villarreal?

As always, when we need to act, we rather don’t. Villarreal is heavily rumored to sign Bacca, and that will be our loss most definitely.

It seems that the board is not interested in bringing another striker, and we will be left with 2 average strikers like WBY and Muriel, while the third will be Carlos or Gual.

Again if we sign Llorente, keep N’Zonzi and sign a good LB we might still compete decently, but without a decent ‘killer striker’ we won’t get far.

Now fingers crossed on bringing back Jojo!

Tough call between Bacca and Jovetic (though Banega to Bacca has a nice ring to it) but definitely agree we need one more strong striker. I think Muriel could be top class but hasn’t proven to be on the level of Bacca or Gameiro yet. WBY doesn’t look to be capable of carrying a team but would be happy to have him starting CR games. Nolito looked good in attack during the Roma game, but he’s not a pure forward. I’d love to have Bacca back and not have to regret losing him by watching him score against us with Villarreal. Also, please for the love of god go get Krycho back. Who else can even compare for his price/experience as a Sevillista?

Bakambu, Soldado and Bacca. Maybe they will sell us Bakambu.

And eddie, Krycho’s wages are gonna preclude him returning anytime soon. He’s probably making 2 or 3 times what he made at Sevilla.

Villarreal sold Soldado’s ass to Fener last week, and at the age of 32 with 4 dismal seasons under him since leaving Spain, who can blame them? The ig account I’m following claims Villa have made a bid of 18m euros for Bacca, surely we can cough up that?

I wasn’t totally convinced by Jovetic during his loan spell and not sure he’s what we need, it would defo hurt to see bacca in a Villarreal shirt, he’d probably score against us which would make things worse.

Oh he definitely will.

Yeah Villarreal was ready to loan him with an obligation to purchase next season for around 16-18 million. On the other hand, we were only ready to pay a 2 million loan fee with an ‘option’ to buy for 13 million next season… so logically, Villarreal’s deal is way better, and I think Bacca will also accept it because he knows our management well and that they don’t have the cojones to sacrifice financially without selling the whole squad first. So basically in order to sign anyone else but a LB, we need to sell N’Zonzi first. That’s how messed up the situation is, even though we’re 99% through in the CL group stages, which will bring another around 15 million in the club. We are even waiting for the CL money to sign the LB ffs… it’s crazy, but this is Sevilla and their management!

I really dont want this to happen

I’m Happy.

Why buy for 8m, sell for 28m, then buy back for 18m?

Doesn’t seem sensible.

Buy another younger version for 8m, and sell for 28m 2 or 3 years later.

But we bought Muriel for 20m, and he’s not looking too hot and the moment, in fact I’d go so far as to say he looks overweight. I don’t know, some would prefer that Jovetic is the final objective, aren’t we still missing one community player, or is the inclusion of Borja Lasso sufficient? I think I’d prefer Jovetic although it’s a close call.

Looks like it’s a done deal… Bacca a villarreal player.

Jovetic getting closer? Apparently the asking price has dropped…

Hopefully so. Now that we’re going to screw up with a weak LB, at least sign a decent striker that did particularly well for 6 months here and keep N’Zonzi. That’s the only way to have a bit of a decent team and aim for top 4.

Looks like Juve are about to sign Matuidi which will rule out Nzonzi for them. Meaning we are most likely going to keep Nzonzi.

I think we have a top four squad already with for me Banega making up for more than anything we have lost.

Jovetic will help us push even closer to third I think. And possibly progress further in the CL.

Yep… now that they’re signing Matuidi, no more N’Zonzi. Phew…

With Jojo we definitely can go up a level.

no more N’Zonzi drama*

At first I was very sad because my favorite players from the past came back (Navas and Banega) and Bacca would be just perfect given that he is better than Ben Yedder and scored a lot for us.

But then I was kind of relieved because of the transfer fee and maybe Bacca is not the same player he was 2 years ago and also because I have a theory that Bacca signed Villarreal that quick because Sevilla dropped out of the negotiations which means Jovetic is coming! He will be better at this time.

The other option is that we don’t buy anyone which is very good IMO because we had a lot of weak and unhappy third strikers past few years (Llorente, Ciro Immobile, Aspas) and last year Tuco Correa was presented as third striker and played fine for his age and playing time. If Bacca played as much as Correa last season I’m not sure how he would react or how many goals he would score. If Carlos Fernandez is the third option he will be way more motivated than Bacca and we might get another Sevilla youth player in the first team that hasen’t happened for a couple of years now.

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I would’ve been more accepting of Bacca to Villarreal if it was with a mandatory option to purchase but it’s a loan deal with buy option. WBY hustles hard but still looked like a 2nd or 3rd striker last year that padded his stats in CR, Muriel hasn’t proven anything with us though has a sweet highlight reel, and Joaquin Correa (despite looking great this pre-season) was frustrating as hell last year as a forward/showed a big lack of composure after choking his PK in Champions. I’d rather risk an unhappy Bacca for a 3 million loan with optional buy out than Jovetic for a straight up purchase of 12 million based on his average return last season.

If I’m not mistaken, it was indeed a loan with an obligatory purchase deal, just what Milan wanted. We tried the loan with the purchase option (optional) but they didn’t want it hence it fell off.

The issue as you’re mentioning is that WBY is not a first choice striker and should never normally be. While Muriel is not proving to be anything better, although we should give him a bit of time to adapt and prove himself.

Anyway, the point is if Jovetic comes he will automatically become the first choice, and that is a problem considering we recently paid almost 25 million including bonuses and stuff for Muriel, the most expensive signing in Sevilla’s history, an average striker… not very good but let’s see what happens next.

Berizzo for sure will feel pressured to start Muriel no matter what since that was his big purchase, which means we could get off to a slow Liga start with lots of possession and few goals as he adapts to the team (ditto with Jovetic at this point since there’s new players than last year). As for the Bacca deal, ESPN FC posted an hour ago that the buy out is optional at 15.5 million pounds.

Damnn… it doesn’t make any sense then. We basically offered the same deal, a loan fee of 2 million with the option to buy? So we didn’t even want to pay that 2 million or how… quite confused on this.

Please don’t fail the medical Mr Matuidi :grinning:

Matuidi is poised to join Juventus given the pictures from Facebook and I daresay with his addition their squad is even more balanced now. Matuidi can help lessen the load or even replace Khedira and let Marchisio and Pjanic play their game, Bernadeschi and Costa would wreck havoc on any defence, that along with getting De Sciglio and the rising of Rugani to replace Bonucci. I’d say they have a real chance of making the final of the CL again depending on how they draw for the quarters and semis.

While Matuidi leaving helps us lock down N’zonzi it also means our chances of getting Krycho are probably gone as PSG have no dedicated defensive midfielder, the closest is Thiago Motta who is already 34 and cannot play 2 games a week. I expect Emery to finally let Krycho get a good run of games under his belt and operate in a double pivot with Veratti, the front four will be Di Maria, Lucas Moura, Neymar and Cavani, another deadly quadruple in Europe. It would be exciting to see how far they can go.