Away matches

Has anyone experience with away matches, how to get tickets in Sevilla fans sector and that stuff? Because I want to go to Atletico Madrid:Sevilla match on 8. march 2020.

First you will need to become a member

I went to see us play real Madrid away recently and it was quite straight forward.
Keep a watch on the Sevilla fc web site closer to the date of the game for when the tickets are going on sale.
The method used is you download a form from a link provided by the club, fill in your details and e-mail it back. You will then receive an E mail giving payment instructions and finally if you have been successful allocated a ticket. you will then receive another E mail giving instructions on where to pick it up.
I had to pick mine up from the team hotel in Madrid.

Good luck

One point to note is that the e mail giving me the pick up location ended up in my spam folder as it was a mass mailing

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Thanks for useful information. Only don’t know where you get this link to download a form. Do I maybe find it in the tickets section on the Sevilla FC webside? Because i didn’t see it for other away matches before.

You will find it here It will only show up on the Spanish version of the site.
Have a look at the cluj game, and do a “dry run” that will give you the idea how to do it. Use google translate if needed.
Anything else don’t hesitate to ask.

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So if I uderstand right in this document, I can’t buy 2 tickets for me and my friend, who is not club member? Everybody on that list must be club members?

Cheers to @Brian for answering your queries. As for me, whenever I see ‘away matches’ mentioned in regards to Sevilla, all I can think of is the 2015-16 season. Still having nightmares since then!

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Yes you are correct ALL must be members to apply for the away section tickets.
Please note also that this game date/time has not yet been confirmed. It could be Friday, Saturday or Sunday of that weekend depending on C league/ Europa league commitments the following week.
Plus what the TV companies decide.

Thanks for all the answers.