Australian heading to Seville

Hi guys,

Someone on reddit pointed me in your direction. I am an Australian currently backpacking through Europe watching a load of football and was lucky enough to grab tickets to the Real Madrid match.

Was just wondering if and where the English speaking fans congregate before the match, along with any other tips for really jumping into Sevilla’s pre-match vibe.




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I don’t know where the English fans meet, I think Bryan is en route back from England.

But as far as the vibe is concerned, if you want maximum grade 10 Biri status then go to any bar in the area, drink 4 beers, half a bottle of White Label, smoke 2 spliffs of the finest Moroccan hashish, then ignite your Bengala and suffocate a few police horses, get detained by police and arrive 10 minutes late in the stadium, that’s normal.

You might want to start at grade 2, or maybe grade 4 being an Australian.


For the vibe Just head for the stadium, it is surrounded by bars all of which will be full of Sevilla fans. Visit a few and soak up the pre match atmosphere.

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Cheers Brian, thanks for clarifying, hahaha

Welcome to the forum Ben, hope you enjoy your experience in Seville and the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. I have only ever been once (so far!) and it has left a last impression on me.

Just a shame I lost all of my pictures and videos I had, but I still have the memories. :wink: