Arsenal vs Sevilla FC [2022 Emirates Cup Final]

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DC sevillistas, who is coming Chez Moore tomorrow bright and early. Public shaming now: it won’t be @ChrisLail , who will still be in bed wallowing in beti-style mediocrity.
Aim for greatness! Dicen que nunca se rinde!

come on yes GIF by Sevilla Fútbol Club


haha you never know! I might get up at the butt crack of dawn

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Butt crack of dawn??? It’s like 7:30 your time…

Anyone know how to watch this in the States?

Nice game. The crowd will be applauding in the 9th minute also as a tribute to Jose Antonio Reyes.
Think we will fall short a little bit. But who knows, could be our second trophy haha.

it’s on youtube. oh it’s just a preview…

I was able to find a stream on Footybite

Was hoping to find a Spanish broadcast. Don’t much feel like listening to English commentary post-Kounde sale.

it looks like showing on youtube still, with spanish commenators. I hope they don’t turn away when the game starts.

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Let me know! I’ll switch over haha

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you can even chat and see the #cristianoacadiz trending :wink:

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YEN missing his 1st pass? Nothing new here…

It available in the Us :frowning:

He’s got a new haircut, so that makes up for it, right???

Found a Spanish language broadcast on TVC. Mexican, but you said Spanish after all.