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Thought I’d start a thread on the Atletico team given the lull in internationals, also a good place to take a look at the new up and coming players.

As of the last round, Atletico lost 1-2 at home to Leonesa, Curro scored for Sevilla and we were beaten by 2 late goals in the 87 and 90th minutes. They are are placed 19th out of 22 teams after three rounds with just 1 point and a goal difference of -2.

Most of the b team’s main players took part in this match such as the Emeterio brothers, Carlos Fernandez, Curro, Pozo and Matos but they still lost. Hopefully others like Boutobba, Carballo and Konyk get more chances in the next few fixtures.

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Good post. I meant to do that this weekend. I wish I could find those games online. If anyone has a tip for doing such, let me know.

Carmona and Gual called up for Spain U21.

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Got a draw this week away against Huesca, 0:0 might be the scoreline but the stats showed our goal was peppered with shots and heroics by Churripi were needed for the one point, result leaves us 19th in the table, need some improvement and fast.

Something interesting I want to bring up, we have David Carmona and Borja San Emeterio, two supposedly good right backs with potential to contribute to the first team in the near future, I’d love to keep both but one may have to be moved in the near future, who do you see having a better chance of making it?

Probably Carmona, as he’s also being called for the U-21 and is a better prospect at the right back position.

Something I don’t understand though. How are we having such a bad start with the Atletico team when Arias made a couple of signings, and one of them if I remember correctly was 1.5 million or something similar? It leaves one with a feeling that the last season’s team was more natural and had more chemistry. Also shouldn’t have let go of Ivi at any cost. He is very talented and could contribute both in the A and B teams.

Ivi, Cotan and Diego Gonzalez were the veterans in the squad last year. It’s hard to replace them.

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Another 0-0 draw with Rayo Vallecano at home, only 3rd point of the campaign and we are now 21st in the table. The only positive sign is that we managed 3 shots on target to their 0. Gual, Cantalapiedra (nightmare for the kitman) and Carmona played while Carballo and Fernandez came off the bench. But on the whole the performance is kinda flat, need improvement asap.

They got a new coach as well in the off-season right?

well we slumped to another defeat again, this time 3-0 away to Almeria. The troublesome fact is we used most of our starters including gual, fernandez, yan and carmona .I’m not sure if stats are a good indicator of overall performance but we did manage to get 4 shots on target and have more possession of the ball while they had 3 shots on target and 3 goals. The result leaves us 19th and without a win, Tevenet needs to sort this out asap and can start by giving Ondoa a chance.

Sevilla Atletico go down 3-0 to Gijon. Placing us dead last of the Segunda with only 3 points from 8 games. What is happening.

They also missed 2 penalties so it could’ve been 5-0…

I watched them on tv today for the first time this season. They didn’t look good, the defending was very poor for all 3 goals and it could have been worse as Sporting missed two penalties.

Damn doesn’t sound good at all. Dissapointing after last seasons efforts.

Completely hammered by Gijon this match, we started the main players such as fernandez, pozo, yan, curro and munoz but still no improvement. I might start betting against the team next week in hopes something will change.

A draw with Cadiz, better but still rooted at the bottom

Still Winless right? Have they sacked the coach yet?

We are still 3 points off 21st and 4 points off 19th… playing an extra game than them too!

Winless after 9 games…

I’m no guru on Spanish football league rules but can we assign a couple of less used squad players to help them out? We can send Geis, Montoya and Lasso for sure.

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Not sure how that works in Spain either, but it would definitely be great. I mean, it’s Segunda Division and pretty competitive… I’d argue way more quality than the Championship (equal to Segunda in England), let alone the reserves league of EPL. Iborra lastly played with Leicester U23, but I think they have a different system, not exactly sure though. But if we can get players from Sevilla Atl. for the first team, why can’t the first team-ers help the Atletico?

And SA still without a win :frowning: 11 games 5 points. They did tie with Zaragoza today and Carlos Fernandez scored a brace.