About some fans…

I don’t like mixing politics and football, but I saw this post from the SFC instagram and started reading the comments and I was pretty upset by the most liked comments on the post, if you are curious they are pretty hateful. I’m not looking to start a debate but I can not wrap my head around the hate people have for those that are different than them. Kudos to the club and the team running the account for doing this knowing that it would sadly be seen negatively by some.


The club is extremely tied with christian values, just take one look at our badge. This statement represents the complete opposite of those values.

I don’t have Instagram so I cannot see the comments you are talking about, but I am pretty sure it would be about this exact issue formulated in a rather unkind manner.


That’s the exact point, Don’t mix it with politics. Even that the directives don’t understand apparently.

No fanbase is perfect. The simple notion of ‘love thy neighbour’ often falls on ignorant minds.