A confession. Was it my fault?

I feel that the result against Eibar today could have been partially my fault.
Let me explain. Just before christmas I called in the Sevilla fc shop and bought myself a sweatshirt and the lady on the cash desk gave me a pair of Sevilla fc socks as a free gift, they are grey in colour with the team shield sewn into the sides. (obviously they were not selling very fast)

The first time I wore them was to the derby and we conceded 5 goals and so I have not worn them since, until today that is. This morning whilst still laying under the covers in bed I leaned over, opened my sock drawer without looking and pulled on the first pair I touched. (This is usual for me on winter mornings as these tiled floors are too cold to step on first thing in bare feet).:grimacing:

It was only later in the day that I realised that I was wearing the free Sevilla fc socks .I did think of changing them before the match but not being a particularly superstitious sort of guy I didn’t bother. It surely couldn’t happen again.

The question is should I now throw them in the bin? :blush::grinning::grinning:


I had the same socks for Christmas, and also had them on at the game against Betis, but I didn’t have them on yesterday!
The Betis game was the 1st time I have seen them lose at home in 3 years (1st year went to 10 home games and 13 2nd year), and this year ionly missed 1 game at home.
Don’t throw them away just yet, maybe do an exorcism on them 1s with Cuzcampo :slight_smile:


There for a while Sevilla was on a winning streak (well a not losing streak) and I noticed that every gameday I was drinking coffee from my Sevilla mug. So I kept it up until they lost and realized superstitions are silly. :slight_smile:

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Well until the Betis game, for last 2 years I have worn my 2010 Copa Del Rey Kanoute 12 shirt, and never seen us lose with it on. But on that fateful day I had it on at home but spilt coffee on it whilst waiting for my lift, so had to wear my 2016-17 home shirt, and we bloody lost!
I just hope I don’t have to change it on Weds night, not that i’m normally superstitious but it’s nice to think I bring something to the luck & fortunes of the team…

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This reminds me of the article we posted some time back about the Curse of Saint Nectario. My cousin in Sevilla wrote this about the “curse” and how they still use a photo of Saint Nectario to appease him.