7 Games in 23 days

Match schedule

Granada-Seville October 17th

Chelsea-Seville October 20

Seville-Eibar October 24-25

Seville-Stade Rennais October 28

Athletic-Seville October 30 / November 1

Seville-Krasnodar November 4th

Seville-Osasuna November 7-8

Gonna be tough! All CL group games must be finished by the year end according to UEFA


Very tough on the players, I wonder how many subs will be allowed in Champions. It would be a great shame if we didn’t get at least 9 from 12 in the liga games due to playing second 11 selection.

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Hopefully they allow 5 subs to compensate that. That is a brutal schedule. I can see why they want to get this done especially the way covid is evolving again. That is tough on the body of the players though.


Definitely quite tough - but luckily, not only for us. We have a bit more depth now with the 2 new signings, although we are all fearing the RB position, which was never properly addressed, and that’s an offense to Navas to expect him to carry us throughout this weird, very physically-demanding season. We should’ve signed a RB profile similar to Acuna, we didn’t need 5 CB’s.


Strictly speaking in La Liga we have Vidal.


Why not in Champions too?

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Vidal and Gnagnon were not included in the CL list.


No but they are in the La Liga and Copa del Rey so if Jesus Navas does need a rest or gets a knock at least there are options. Albeit not very good ones, but better than nothing.


Because of our lack of Home Grown players under UEFA rules we were only allowed to register 23 players instead of the usual 25.

Other players will be added to the squad in the B list but they will be young lads whom tag along like Mena, Lara, Genaro etc last season.

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Tough tough schedule, especially with Chelsea away a mere 3 days after visiting Granada, things get better with home games against Rennais and Krasnodar sandwiched by a visit to a waning Bilbao; those 3 games along with the ones against Eibar and Osasuna will set the course for the season - Group stages or Europa? Top 5 or top 3?

Luckily not a lot of players have taken part in the internationals save for Navas, Enrique just loves playing him instead of Carvajal, I expect Vidal to start at least 1 la liga game. He’s not the same player as he was in 2015 but his stats from Alaves last season show some promise so I’m hopeful he won’t be as much of a liability as his first season back with Sevilla.


2 down, no points and no goals