23.5 Million Euro Profit for Sevilla FC in 2017


Yes, the CL money accounts for most of it.

It would be insane not to invest wisely in the January window with this surplus, also considering the possible income from N’Zonzi’s sale.

Sevilla’s financial year is June to June I believe, so that will be for season 2016/17, so we should have even more in the pot with this years Champions League money.


That’s a long time to settle the books no? 6 months?

I don’t know about the US (or Spain for that matter) but I used to submit my accounts up to a year later in the UK. It takes about 3 months to be sure you’ve got all the invoices and then the accountants disappear with your books and invoices to make sure they balance, and present you with some accounts about 6 months later, I’d be surprised if Spain is any quicker :grin: It takes about a year to set up a business here.

Yeah I guess that is true. It takes about 4 months for our accountants to produce all of the filings.