23-24 Sevilla FC Sponsor

Well the team will still be without a front kit sponsor, but today they finalized a sleeve sponsor after Valvoline pulled out. The team announced that JDSports will be the sleeve sponsor.

JD Sports a UK company, looks to be a sporting goods store, reselling other brands.

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That’s a big stain on the shirt. Doesn’t look great part of the photoshop but still.
Some sponsors just blend in so nicely with the shirt. This is not one of them.


It’s a really shitty logo design haha.


Happy MM anniversary @ChrisLail


Must have been on August 10/11th that Chris launched the forum, because I’ve seen a ton of folks whose anniversay was yesterday or today. Happy MM anniversay, @Brian , @Edinho , and others!


Saw that we finally got a sponsor… doesn’t seem like a main shirt sponsor, but at least the club is using it’s brand for something, economically valuable.

Still no shirt sponsor, I gather.

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True story re Aero Mexico.
We flew Aero Mexico once from Mexico city to Colima on Friday 13th, the flight number was 666 and there was a guy standing on a step ladder, tools in hand, surrounded by bits of engine round the back of the plane as we boarded.
Good job I’m not too superstitious lol.

Oh and the day after we left Colima…

The volcano erupted.