23/24 - MD9: Sevilla FC vs Rayo Vallecano

Ready for the match. Made it to Florida a few days ago. Watching at an Irish pub with the fam.

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We are robbed of a Dimi vs Dimi match-up of gks

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Predictions guys? For me 2-0 Sevilla :+1:t3::+1:t3:

3-2, good guys


Very good save :facepunch:t3:

Ill stop making predictions

What’s the point :man_facepalming:t3:

Mine is still valid

Pain :confused:

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4 rayo players unchallenged in our area for the 1st goal and the whole defence on the missing list for the 2nd. Glad to be at home sitting this one out


Shocking. In the goal area
Was our goalie and four Rayo players.

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Sevilla still worrys me about being dragged into another relegation battle…

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As long as we have that current board there’s every reason to worry still. We can’t trust them to make the right decisions as last few years have shown.

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We are playing like dookie.

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Ridiculous this. Not sure why Fernando was the pull.
I couldn’t tell what he did to piss off Mendi on the open chipped goal. Pretty disrespectful from Mendi to pull the veteran captain.


I get the tactic change, but he should have waited until half


That was poor mess of a first half. Mental looking in the wrong place too. Lukebakio busy with other things, Sow almost getting a red card there.

Hard reset and get ourselves together please.

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So happy to be here but what a shit game…


I’m not watching the game live, but I saw that Fernando got subbed off pretty early. Did he get hurt, or was he playing like shit?