23/24 MD32 - Sevilla FC vs Mallorca

Djibril Sow, successfully operated on in Madrid for the fracture of the fifth metatarsal of his left foot.


He’s out for the season right?

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Hernández Hernández as ref and Cerro Grande on VAR duty…

What could go wrong? :confounded: :rage:


Yeah has to be.

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I could name a few already by looking at ourselves alone, unfortunately.


With Cadiz losing to Girona tonight, a win against Mallorca on Monday would 95% mean we’re staying for another season in La Liga!

On the other hand, there’s a clause on QFS’s contract that if he manages to finish 10th - the contract will automatically extend for another season. If not, then it’s down to negotiations.

Regardless of whether we’ll finish 10th or not, I believe QFS deserves a full season only for staying in the league (for what he was brought in, the original objective).

However, his mindset must change radically so that we don’t have to endure pitiful performances and defensive play with no creativity even when the opponent is 1 player down, from the 6th fucking minute!

I know QFS can have the team play better… and we should see signs of improvement in play in the coming matches, especially from the derby and onward.


I’m gonna say we really need Getafe, Osasuna and Villareal to win some games then.

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You’ve successfully predicted a Villarreal win, half right with Getafe draw, and no luck for an Osasuna win, which was particularly unfortunate for us given their rivals this week.

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A win tomorrow night will have us virtually safe and with a chance of top 10. It has been a tough season but the club has shown fight. The players and manager have rallied and we are finishing quite strong. Let’s get another big win.

Vamos mi Sevilla!


Quiet in here!

That should have been a yellow at least on that hand ball. Especially on the counter with momentum

Very unsharp start

Ramos with the glorious save.


Selfish Romero

Shouldn’t be a problem but the finishing again not convincing, his run was spectacularly timed at least.


Only seen the last 15 min or so, and it looked really drab. I could feel Ocampos’ frustration as we had a hard time advancing the ball or making decent plays around the box. Inherently i think it has to do with us setup to play on the counter. Add to that a Romero who’s not as sharp as his first few games, it’s again hard to see where the goal comes from. Random YEN header ftw?


Suso plays himself free nicely, shot’s off.

Got his shot this early coming on? Best believe Suso won’t stop trying that shot now :sweat_smile:

Radonjic what a shot.