23/24 MD30 - Sevilla FC at Getafe

I think we have to switch to 442. The lack of creative outlet yesterday killed us.


I think that had more to do with the balance between midfield & defence, in that our fullbacks couldn’t be as dangerous. Not to mention the distribution was subpar, and playing out of tight spaces. I think Sow excels here, but he’s been a bit of a mixed bag.

I still don’t like Gudelj in that DM role. I always feel like his positioning is off, and has a harder time reading the game from there. I think he’s more competent from the CB positions.

I also think Kike let’s us down with his play out of defence. He doesn’t feel comfortable enough to play it forward, and usually resorts to playing it to Ramos, Nyland, or hitting a long ball. In the modern game we’re asking GKs to be good distributors, so a CB should already be capable in that department.


That’s what I mean about creative outlets. With Ocampos playing in that wingback role, he can’t get forward fast enough to be the target outlet for Neyland. YEN isn’t capable of doing anything with the ball on his own, so it only left Issac to do anything and he was bottled up.