23/24 MD22 - Sevilla FC (1) vs Osasuna (1)

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The Atletico game will be Thursday. What a challenge that will be.

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This match has now been changed to Sunday 28th at 18:30 due to the cup game on Thursday.


Yep far from ideal.

Just to add salt in the wound too, Osasuna have literally no injuries and a clear week.

The odds are against us getting a result especially with the tension and toxic atmosphere around the club too.


Yeah. Thanks for confirming. That still is very little time to recover trying to play a side that have no injuries, have a clear week and also win their last match.

They are going okay in la liga and currently mid table.


Thanks, modified.


I have little hope for this game and it’s only mid table mediocre Osasuna :sob:

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Very short press conference.

Just some points I got out of it.

They are not well trained/rested so far but it is what it is and despite the knock out of the tournament, the competition requires us to move on and not be sad and disappointed.

Mariano is weak physically and struggling with what we like to see on the field and his fitness.

Hannibal needs to find his place at the club, and for now maybe that’s better momentarily from the outside than the inside view. To get to know the policies and way of working of the club. Lol…

I wonder if the moment with Pedrosa had something to do with that. It struck me, or rubbed me a bit weird. When just after he entered, somebody gave an impossible ball to Pedrosa, after which he verbally and physically signalled to him something like “Go run for it!” which was completely out of place in this situation, and the ball unreachable. Besides, Pedrosa being one of the only few positive players mostly. I get that he wants to be positive and contribute. But it was not accordingly there, in my opinion. It might be nothing, it might be something…

He found it a clear penalty and admits there is something very wrong with the arbitrary way of working nowadays.

Sow is overworked and had tendinitis and needs to rest desperately, probably because we forced him all these games to play and his way of playing, running around endlessly and sometimes uselessly.

And some more standard stuff about the market. If players leave, players will come and Sevilla is and has been at the forefront of football analytics and stats of which Quique is a fan too.

Osasuna will be physical, lots of importance on second balls and crosses.

Just me paraphrasing a bit of it roughly.


If we keep over playing certain players, despite having a broader squad and losing games anyway. You might as well give more chances. Maybe you think that’s contradicting my statement about Alberto Flores. But the gap and readiness between him and others is honestly huge, so the risk/viablity is different.

I think I reached the point where I am open to Gattoni, Agoume and if Bade is ready throw him back in there. I don’t want to read another love letter from Ramos, that we will try harder next time. I prefer we lose in a different way, instead of a similar way all the time. If Mir and Acuña are still here, throw them in there to save some freshness and relieve some others like Ocampos and Sow. If we play Marcao every game he will be out for 2-3 months soon. And throw Hannibal in there second half.

This would be my next line up.



Is this Spanish or UK time?

Everywhere I look saying 5.30 UK time still.

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18:30 Spanish time


No Gattoni, Gudelj, Rakitic, Lukebakio, Mariano, YEN, Lamela, or Kike Salas.

Makes you wonder if the fact we’ve seen so much of Juanlu and Kike Salas this year if the board already predicted this free fall to be honest.

Who stays up out of us, cadiz and celta could also come down to who the la liga officials want to stay up too. There’s hardly anything between the 3 of us so it could down to corruption. I hope it doesn’t and I wouldn’t want us to stay up like that even if we benefit from it as we a bigger club.


We will know both the Celta and Cadiz results before we kick off. So a win for those two could make it very toxic in the stadium tonight, there is already a protest planned by the Biris prior to our game.


Classy act from the team for the family that died traveling to the Copa del Rey match.


I doubt that probability

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damn beautiful ball by marcao. great cutback by romero tho feel like he could’ve done better on that shot.