23/24 - MD13: Sevilla FC vs Real Betis

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Both Rui Silva and Claudio Bravo injured for the derbi. Between the sticks will be Fran Vietes of Celta B fame, of :poop: B fame, of Lugo fame. And hopefully of 5-0 derbi fame starting Monday.

Never celebrate an injury. But an absence is absolutely worth celebrating. Especially right now.



We deserve that after the Jordan game where we started Pastore.


If we play like we did on wednesday they will not need a goal keeper


Yes and no. We played like we did because they had Saka and Martinelli. Er Panda ain’t no Martinelli. Though the similarity between the two in (lack of) good looks is indeed striking.

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They have some good pacey pieces that will give us trouble.


Ramos is back training.



Very glad to see Soumaré in the list. Hadn’t seen whether his injury last week ended up being serious or not. I assume he’s back to 100%:crossed_fingers: if he’s in the list


Ramos, mixed feelings. He’s going to be super motivated, but also maybe overly amped up.

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Marcão is back!!!

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Massive match! The positive is as mentioned they without their first or 2nd choice keepers. Got to look to shoot on sight to test their 3rd choice.

The other positive is we do still hold the Indian sign over these. They always seem to try to hard to beat us and lose their discipline. Even last season when we were in the relegation zone and they were flying high we still managed to get a draw. They lost their heads again.

We have to take advantage of that and home support. I hope we were just saving some energy for this one as Wednesday night was shocking. We are better than that at least.

I hope for Jordan and Fernando to be dropped. Get sow and Soumare in midfield with Rakitic. On wings we can have ocampos and either lamela/suso. Need YEN upfront because Mariano is doing nothing. I’d have Rafa Mir ahead of Mariano. I don’t know why we signed him knowing his track record.

The defence is tricky at centre back. Not sure if we should put Ramos back in or stick with Bade/Gudelj.

We simply have to turn up. The pressure is growing at club and losing to these and it could get unbearable toxic levels.

Let’s see. Vamos Sevilla!


The team have the capacity to play better. After all this is the same team (minus Bono) who won UEFA cup 6 months ago. Don’t have a clue how things have gone worse over the same period. We even beefed up the squad.

I guess it all comes down to the managager issue. We keep switching managers too frequently. On the other hand Simione gets to stay at Atletico for more years. Go figure…


The trouble is the system. We can’t expect to Win games playing one up top and our only tactic is to lob it in the middle and hope we score a header every once in a while. We don’t seem to be able to play through the middle all that well. I’d be tempted to try this out…

GK. Dmitrovic

RB. Juanlu
CB. Sergio Ramos
CB. Bade
LB. Pedrosa

DMC. Soumare
CM. Sow
CM. Rakitic

RW. Ocampos
LW. Lamela
CF. Take your pick

Sow and Raki in CM playing the balls wide and supporting behind the main striker, or bringing the ball forward and looking for the Wingers to make runs into the box to support the main striker.


Leaked lineup, hard to say if it’s reliable, but from a local radio station in Sevilla:


Jesús Navas


Sergio Ramos








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So not far off mine bar Jesus Navas for Juanlu, Acuña for Pedrosa and Lukebakio for Lamela.

This would be our best possible starting eleven in my opinion.


three of those starting in that lineup are just off injury. Seems a bit nuts.

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Not far off.

Gudelj for Ramos, Pedrosa for Acuña, and Óliver for Lukebakio

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