23/24 - MD11: Sevilla FC at Cádiz CF

Let’s do this! Vamos!

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I hate when Bade doesn’t start

Stupid from Ramos there, easily could have been a booking there. No need to do that, ref seems to think he still plays for Real Madrid

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what a wonderful start… dont give the ball away there

fantastic. turned it on just in time for that godawful turnover. embarrassing.

Fuck this :man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3:

Bloody hell. We wide open there boys. Bad start.

Lovely finish to be fair. Lukebakio gave the ball away there.

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Fali second yellow???

the Dodi turnover was pretty inexcusable.

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What an errors.

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What was that Ramos

awful, once again. Terrible giveaway by Ramos


GET IN RAMOS! Back in it!


What… Not much happening no impact from Lukebakio either

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No blood, no foul


Very optimistic of Juanlu to imagine Suso can use his head. Can barely even use his right foot.


OCAMPOS! Fantastic flicked header, great cross by Juanlu. Back in it!