23/24 MD 24 - Sevilla FC (1) vs Atletico Madrid (0)

Soumaré 47 of 49 successful passes today!


I’d like to agree mate but he is almost 24 already so hardly a kid.

Still on a high over this game!


Yo también!

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So where does Lukebakio slot in when he comes back?


We need to get on this asap as his contract only runs until 2025, and I dare say if he has a release clause it can only still be linked to his time in Sevilla Atlético at the moment. Otherwise clubs like Puta Madrid and Barcelona will be sniffing all over that!


probably where oliver played last game. dodi could have definitely finished that chance oliver had last game lmao

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Isaac is a blessing, what a player



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Now I’m afraid the vultures will try to snatch Isaac from us. He is in love with Sevilla, sure, but what about after the next season? We all want to have the likes of Isaac for a very long time… ideally.

That will depend on the player too, but in today’s football economics and how we stand there… a bit tricky.

Reportedly Atletico and Real Sociedad are already interested in signing him. Atletico also proposed to sign him at the end of the season and loan him to Sevilla for the rest of 2024-25 (next season) according to reports. LOL! We’d be crazy to accept something like that.


I think it’s all down to Quique, I wasn’t a fan, but I’m alreay convinced he’s just what’s needed right now.

I hope everyone’s cheered up!


Quique is a good manager, the difference now is that he is starting to get players back into the squad.


This was my first time that I finally finished watching the whole 90 minutes of a Sevilla game for a long time. I really enjoyed what I have watched from the boys. The spirit, the fight, all was there.

The New boy, İsaac has been fantastic. He has a good eye for the goal. Good controls, too. But, he was selfish at times, when there were better options around him.

We just need to get better at counter attacks. Need to pass over their defensive line into where YEN can make runs. He obviously can not beat a single defender by dribbling. He is only good off the ball.