23/24 MD 23 - Sevilla FC (2) at Rayo Vallecano (1)

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Watch party is ON for this one! Looking forward to seeing a team play that has had a full 7 days for recovery, no Sergio Ramos, new transfers hopefully getting minutes, Isaac Romero goals, NO RAFA MIR (I SWEAR IF THIS DEAL FAILS I WILL GET A RAFA MIR TATTOO - IT NEEDS TO GO THROUGH), and continued building on the things we have have been improving on. I am very hopeful to see a back line that knows they have something to prove to themselves, the team, and the fans!


A few years ago we would be super confident of a good win here. It has now got to the point where we would snap someone’s hand off for a point or lucky win 1-0 here.

We have tough run of fixtures to come after so this is a must win if we want to avoid falling into the relegation trapdoor soon.


Also the short term schedule might look rough but we do have almost all the important (6 point games) games that matter most at home.

17/3 Sevilla FC - Celta de Vigo
11/4 Sevilla FC - RCD Mallorca
5/5 Sevilla FC - Granada
15/5 Sevilla FC - Cadiz

and there is Almeria away 10th of March. You’d still need some points still. But Almeria and Granada look doomed for sure, so there is one we need to beat…

It has to be said that in any case If we do demote, it is an absolute horror of the biggest order.


Yeah it good we have to play all of the struggling teams again. It’s going to come down to them duels and I just hope we up for the fight.

I’m not writing off cadiz yet. They looked better at the weekend and got a good 0-0 draw with Athletic Bilbao. They sacked their manager and might get a bounce. Granada and Almeria are gone but the fight between us, celta and Cadiz will likely go all the way to the end unless we lift our form massively soon.


That said I saw some positive signs in our last match against Osasuna. Especially from Isaac and Soumare. Both looking good so hoping they keep their form and a few others step up. It probably a blessing in disguise to have a break from Ramos for this match and hope the new look centre back pairing can do better.

Vamos Sevilla!


Hope we can pick up something from this game!

Football really is depressing for me this season.

Sevilla 16th with just three wins in the league all season and one point off the drop zone.

My local non league team who I support (1874 Northwich) are rock bottom with just four wins and 8 points from safety. All the players jumping ship and leaving. An absolute mess!

So many parallels with Sevilla. It’s like I’m watching the same team honestly.

Incredibly grim.


One of the things I am hoping for is Isaac being a nice fit to compliment Youssef, we finally having an able footballing striker as part of a two man duo.

Won’t put my beliefs on Veliz or Hannibal just yet.

I think we can win this. Not sure why I even do. :sevillafc: :man_shrugging:


I really hope so mate… Isaac feeding off YEN with Ocampos back on the Wing instantly makes us better.


Some news out of the news conference with QSF:

  • VERY clearly says that Januzaj and Rafa have not satisfied his needs and won’t be playing unless that changes somehow
  • Explains Rakitic’s exit: Ivan came to him and asked whether he could get continuity. QSF said that he counts on Ivan, but without certain contributions from Ivan, he wouldn’t be able to start him. Ivan replied that he truly, “hyper honestly” couldn’t give Quique what he was asking for, and two days later was out.
  • No real complaints about the window window signings, but mostly just staying in his lane, letting Orta do what he does and not focusing on it
  • Lukebakio is still not ready to play. Alejo VĂ©liz, also not yet ready to play
  • Now that YEN is back, he said he has two forwards and playing with two forwards is “Definitely an option”. He’s excited to have Ocampos playing back in his natural position.

Literally the only positive to come from that press conference.




Muzambo Idumbo makes the first team in no time, flat!

Would love to see him get minutes at the end of the match. Honestly, if we can get beyond permanence (is that a word in English), it’s actually really exciting to see the number of new youngsters and old youngsters making it up through the ranks.

We could imagine Sevilla Atlético coming up a division and a number of young talents making their way up in numbers we haven’t seen in a decade.

Not time to declare victory…not remotely. But I can just say that if we can get through this dark night, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


Ramos being suspended could be a blessing in disguise.


The only positive things this season are Sevilla Atletico’s improvement and Isaac Romero’s shining.

Muzambo and Mejia have first team potential for sure.


Ref for the match is Francisco Hernandez Maeso. He’s a new ref, this being his 11th appearance, and has never reffed a Sevilla match. He is averaging 5.3 yellow cards and has given one red and 4 penalties.

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3 points tonight would be of massive importance… MASSIVE!

It usually takes 42-45 points to be on the safe side in La Liga. We currently stand at 17 points with 16 more matches to go.

We need about 7-8 wins to avoid relegation trouble I reckon.

After Rayo, the next 4 matches will be against:

Atletico (H)

Valencia (A)

RM (A)

Real Sociedad (H)

It’ll be hard to get points on any of them given our current form and if things don’t improve. We should at least be able to win the winnable ones.

Until the end we have at least 4 very winnable matches at home and about 3-4 winnable matches away, including the one tonight.



Ref is one thing, VAR is another. So who is really in control, always the real question. I think Maeso was the guy, overruled by everything Hernandez Hernandez said in Madrid vs Almeria. One of the most shameful performances of the year. So he bending over quite easily.


With how things are looking so far I feel this year a lower amount would be enough.
Don’t want to put it too low but maybe 38-39 even.

Cadiz and Mallorca both hard to beat, but not getting any victories either. I think we might be safe with a lower amount. 17 points after 23 games, with 15 games left indicates something for sure.

If we lose tonight, I think we will lose the next 4 as well. Undoubtedly Cadiz and Celta and Mallorca in those next 4 weeks will gather some points, and if we are unlucky they have put us in a gap, that might break some of our mentality even more, and put even more pressure on the club. You think the type of pressure is the same? I’m not sure. Pressure is pressure, yes. But going for a trophy or preventing the doomscenario, gives a whole different vibe to the whole club and each match. Celta and Mallorca and Cadiz don’t know any different.