2024 African Cup of Nations

As for the Asian Cup - it will be an interesting final between Jordan and Qatar.

I’ve seen the Jordan NT play live when they beat Kosovo 0-2, although Kosovo NT was in a terrible form and without a coach at that time, I saw how serious Jordan players were tactically and played with a lot of patience, often looking for fast counters.

Rooting for Qatar, but would be cool if Jordan wins it too.


Ivory Coast ‘stole’ this edition’s AFCON… wow!

Barely made it out of the group and grind out wins in the knockout stage, only to beat the favorites Nigeria in the final.

Haller is Ivory Coast’s new hero.



its incredible. they thought they were out during the groups so they fired their manager and hired a new one.

little did they know that they were going to win the whole thing. new manager bounce all the way to the trophy lmaoo

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And they beat some of the strongest teams in the tournament.

Senegal, Mali, DR Congo, Nigeria… all of them could’ve easily won it with a bit more luck.