2022 Shareholder's Meeting

Happening tonight in Sevilla. What a mess.

Reported losses of over 20 million euros for the 21-22 season.

Castro admits to mistakes by management for continuing with Lopetegui.

Admits that they were going for the title last year and took risks.

Shareholders vote against the final numbers and the implementation of a new audit firm.

Then things got weird from what I can understand. On the proposal of removing management, Del Nido wasn’t allowed to vote.

If anyone has more information or can correct anything I said please do.

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Which seems to have caused the attendees to become very upset, not that they weren’t already. Anyway, this is likely going to the courts and the uncertainties can do nothing but harm imo.


Spain has some strange laws relating to private societies and I’m no expert but Del Nido might have set a trap. The vote was was 63% to 24% in favour of keeping the committee and structure but Del Nido wasn’t allowed to use his votes. He reckons that’s illegal and he’ll be able to get a judge to intervene and anul the vote and then he’s going to invade Poland or Austria or something.


I’m a bit surprised by the support he still has. I get that he brought the glory but I do think Castro has done a better overall job.