2020-2021 International Team Discussions

Navas with the start at RW today against Germany:


Navas is an inspiration to the younger generations that you can play decent football and be a crucial part of the team of your youth and lead them to glory, as well as help your national team even at 35. All it took for Navas was a change in position, from pure right winger to right full back (attacking minded of course).

I’m very happy to see Navas and will cherish his latest years with the club.

My national team Kosovo plays tonight against Moldova from 20:45 and we are expected to win. However, the team will lose 3 key players due to the pandemic situation, as Switzerland and Germany have mandatory quarantine for players returning from countries where the situation is worsened, and Kosovo is one of them in Europe unfortunately.

There will be no fans in the stadium for our match vs. Greece on Sunday but I will make sure to watch the match from the building of the place that I work, it overlooks the stadium and is more or less like watching a match from the top of Camp Nou (maybe) lol. Will post a pic or vid here when the time comes.


That’s awesome. We have some buildings around some of the stadiums here in DC that have rooftops that allow for viewing the games from a far.

Spain getting ran by Germany right now, still 0-0 though.


Sí, Navas is playing, Reguilon on the bench but only 3 subs allowed to might not get a game.

Rodrigo goes past the German Goalkeeper who manages to catch up and stop the pass into goal, lamentable. De Gea makes a great save to keep it 0-0.


De Gea getting the start even though he has been trash. Perfect opportunity to give Unai Simon his first start, but no. :unamused:

Saying that Kevin Trapp is in goal for Germany. :sweat_smile:

Oscar Rodriguez is on the bench, but with only 3 subs doubt he gets PT

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I think 4 subs entered, maybe that’s just TVE not being on top of the rules.
But Spain scrape 1-1 in minute 95. :rofl:


Oscar played some minutes too. I didn’t get to see how he did, but good to see him get a run.