2019-2020 Non La Liga Discussions

I thought I would create a new thread to discuss the other leagues if anyone cares to chat. I did see this article this morning that was a bummer:

Title’s a little deceiving since it isn’t Sevilla FC. Still fucked up.

Yeah I hate the title and the actions from the Sevilla locals.

Sadly there are still some idiots around even in the RSP. I heard similar “monkey chants” during a couple of games around me in the fondo last season.

I applaud the people who chose to walk off. It’s very brave. It’s still fucked up how some don’t think they’re in the wrong. Yea you wanna ‘demoralize’ the opponent, but there are lines you cannot cross.

I’m still laughing at the folks in Naples who wore blackface to stand in solidarity WITH Koulibaly, after racist abuse at San Siro last Boxing Day. How backwards is that!? :woozy_face:

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Does the RSP have any texting application or a way to alert team reps when stuff like that happens? I don’t want idiots like that associated with my team. Does anyone around them say anything, or just let it go?

There was a great match last night here in the US with Atlanta United of the MLS beating Liga MX’s Club America in the Campeones Cup. The cup was started last season pitting the champions of the MLS vs the champions of Liga MX (Mexico’s league.)

Liga MX has pretty much dominated any MLS vs Liga MX matchup for years now so the win by Atlanta was huge and hopefully a step forward for the league as a whole.


Not sure if anything was said to them chris as the chants came from a few rows behind me.

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What teams from other leagues does everyone enjoy watching?

I always try catching a Wolves game, and I’ll mostly watch a lot of Serie A. But this new Chelsea team has intrigued me. And I’ve forever hated watching the Blues.

Might even catch some PSG & Monaco matches to see how the old duo is doing.

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Obviously my main team is Crystal Palace.

Italy - Internazionale (since about 1993/94, we used to get a lot of Italian football on tv in the UK and as a goalkeeper in the early 90s the Italy NT keepers always seemed to come from Inter in Zenga & Pagliuca).

Germany - Bayer 04 Leverkusen (since 1997 - I read a magazine article about them, and they had a similar Adidas kit to Crystal Palace, and they are sort of a similar sized club, went to the BayArena in February 2018).

Spain - Sevilla / Betis :eyes: (This one is a little more complicated, when I first got into Spanish football around 1996 obviously I was caught up in the whole Barcelona / Real Madrid thing (I still prefer RM just about even now), but a team caught my eye and that was this team that dared to play in Green and White stripes, Green being my favourite colour and I have always like RB since then. Then by complete chance I went to stay with my sister for my birthday in 2006 in Spain and her fella at the time knew I had always wanted to go to a La Liga game. As it turned out Betis were away (and lost 7-2) to Barcelona so he got tickets to Sevilla v Celta Vigo which SFC won 1-0, and I fell in love really, but I’ve never been able to let go of the fact that I do actually still have a soft spot for the other lot. If Betis had been at Home that weekend I probably wouldn’t be here 13 years later. :wink::man_shrugging:

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I don’t have much time to watch outside of La Liga and DC United (I rarely watch another MLS team because, why?) Of course I catch most Champions League and Europa at work.

I use to watch a lot of Fulham and Tottenham games when Dempsey played. I’ll probably watch some Blues games this year because of the kid Pulisic.

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Pulisic was great in the Supercup midweek. Only caught the 1st half of today’s game, but he played ok. I think Pedro will be a great example for him & Mount to improve.

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2 teams in my heart:

Sevilla and the Kosovo national football team with full of talents and a bright future (in FIFA officially only from 2016).

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Home town team Sheffield United. Once a Blade always a Blade. :crossed_swords::crossed_swords:


2 English teams. Home town club Sunderland! Also Crewe Alexandra as like the football they play and that they promote bringing people through their academy.

As for another European team, don’t really have one but interested to see how Juventus do this season in champions league

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Boo hiss! :wink::laughing:

Caught some Prem action today. Chelsea finally being forced to using players they’d usually loan out payed off. English players too. A rarity for them. Old boy Pukki added to his goal tally as well. Leading the league with 5.

Watch bits of that Blades game too @Brian. Leicester were made to suffer, they even had to bring Wes Morgan on. That Sheffield Utd team reminds of Burnley in that they’re littered with warriors. Y’all gonna make it tough for everybody, i love it.

And i always have a soft spot for Serie A. Both games today were excellent. Juve were actually fun to watch for once, and there were some great goals in that Fiorentina-Napoli match. Ended 3-4!

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And we beat Manchester United. :eyes:


Ahh yes! Nice win at Old Trafford. Utd are such a bore that i had to watch something else. They had a whole summer, and 3 games in, it seems like nothing’s changed for them. Sure, it takes time. But that’s a massive club, and that’s unacceptable.

But how about CP tho?? Y’all got a nice squad there. You def need a striker, but you guys always fight with what you got. Van Aanholt one of the best LBs in the league.

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Just seen the highlights. How on earth did you manage that??? :grinning: Well done Palace.