2018-19 Mid-season Review

We’re officially at the halfway mark in La Liga. We sit tied in 3rd with Real Madrid, with a better H2H record. What is everyone’s thoughts?

How will we finish? (Liga / Copa / Europa)
Which players impressed/disappointed?
What would you suggest to Pablo Machín?

Feel free to answer however you’d like.

4th in the league. If we get past Lazio, I think we at least make the semis in Europa League. Semis in Copa del Rey.

Surprises: Andre Silva, Carrico, Mesa for the last month, Gnagnon for the last 2 weeks

Best Players: Sarabia, WBY and Navas

Disappointments: Escudero, Vidal, brittle bones, formation changes unfortunately limiting our two biggest signings (Amadou and Promes) to playing out of position

Machin’s done a great job. He’s found a settled first 11 in a formation that gets the best out of his best players.


Good post Edinho.

Can’t do it justice because I’m not 100% today. But I’ll say a few things.

At some points of the season I’ve been satisfied with every member of the squad. But the only players that have been 100% satisfactory in every game are Vaclic, Navas and WBY. Though I’m of the opinion that Vaclic was to blame for the Atletico Madrid goal, by bad placing. But that’s not important seeing as he’s saved us a multitude of times.

We have a great squad and it’s a delight to see the return of 2 up front.

After our defeat in Bilbao, our manager praised the Athletic player who caused the damage rather than criticise any aspect of our game or gameplan, that’s a mixed blessing, diplomacy and at the same time deflection.

I don’t think we’re over-egging the cup over league because we played a stronger team for the league game than we did for the cup game, and that fact could reveal some tactical truths for the manager.

I’d say we are still, and more than ever, punching above our weight considering the injuries
and our league position. Well done Sevilla.

I couldn’t care less about copa del rey, prefer uefa, but I want us to finish in the top 4 most of all.


Hopefully we will finish 4th in la liga. Copa del rey we will go on until we meet Barca or R Madrid.
If we can Avoid Chelsea I can see us getting to the Europa lge final yet again then who knows?

players who have impressed me. Vaclic, (Mesa on Occasions), Sarabia , Ben Yedder and Navas.
Players who have disappointed. Vidal + Muriel definitely. Arana, Banega and Promes sometimes.

I think Machin has worked wonders with the squad he has had due to all the injuries, Sevilla should be working on his contract extension now.