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We have to buy big in the next transfer window.

Two forwards and a defensive midfielder, minimum, loan out Muriel to Malaga or Alaves, let him get some minutes in la liga.


Well yeah probably not very good at the 4-4-2 playing along a similar type of striker (Bakambu), but in overall and especially in a lone-striker formation (4-3-2-1 etc.), Bacca can score, against any team, in any circumstance. He misses chances, but not a lot like these 2 clowns do, he’s way more clinical in front of the goal.


Castro: “Hemos confiado, confiamos y confiaremos en Berizzo”.


Kiss of death.


It’s always a gamble to splurge big on unproven players esp forwards but we have been living off that for a while now. Here’s a list of nameable strikers in the past decade or so (fk I’m old)

Kanoute - was decent at West Ham, kinda flopped at Spurs before he came over and became a legend
Fabiano - was clinical in Brazil before he moved to Porto and hit a brick wall, came over and became another legend
Chevanton - was alright scoring 20 in 51 for a on-the-rise Monaco team, came here and his career tailed off
Kone - much maligned but he did manage to score 20 in 60 for PSV before coming over, scored 15 for levante after we loaned him out and was able to score some for Everton
Kerzhakov - I rated him but his strike rate could be much better
Negredo - I was very critical of him but he did score 19 for Almeria before coming over and achieving a goal rate of almost 1 : 2 matches
Bacca - Did very well in the Belgian league before coming over, was seen as a gamble but turned to be an excellent piece of business
Gamiero - his class was evident in Ligue 1, scored a decent rate at Lorient before being buried on the bench at PSG

a host of others (Rusescu, Baba) I’d leave out due to being crap or having no chance to play at all
signing a quality forward is hard in this market as their price would be sky high and much in demand, we could only scout the second tier leagues and teams and hopefully avoid the one-season wonders. Mostly it’s hit or miss but I would have gone for Duvan Zapata, same age as Muriel but physically stronger. Or just threw 20m at Lucas Perez, now that guy knows how to score.


LOL I’d forgotten all about him.


It’s not just the forwards though, if we don’t have much firepower then at least we should shore up the defence. What I see is that Sevilla are conceding goals because the players are badly positioned, usually too far advanced upfield. The defence has looked quite sturdy when they’ve been in defensive positions,


Now down in 8th place. Not a good week


Not a good week, and some difficult games ahead.

I think we were too concentrated on Champions and it’s spooked the players, too much pressure knowing the objective is quarter finals. Then, somehow, we play Champions with 4 of our best players on the bench. Plus we’re positionally disorganized as I said earlier. These things make you stronger they say.


It makes no sense, I think Berrizo saw this run coming and planned on shutting up shop for spartak and prepare for the valencia game given they were both away games and we have a tough stretch coming. The only thing was both blew up in his face.

Agree on the positonally disorganized, there’s a huge gaping hole in the middle. Leganes just won against Bilbao so they could be dangerous.


Well Lenglet has recoverd, that’s a big relief. Nolito also recovered.

Kjaer is rested for Cartagena as are Banega and Escudero. But Berizzo has gone for a strong squad and not selected any SAT players as is traditional.

Nzonzi still down.


Sergio Rico, David Soria, Mercado, Corchia, Lenglet, Geis, Carole, Krohn-Dehli, Borja Lasso, Ganso, Franco Vázquez, Sarabia, Correa, Pizarro, Nolito, Navas, Ben Yedder y Muriel.