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Okay now bring on Tucu so we actually have some pace.


How about a 35 year old MKD instead?


MKD? What a fucking waste. Trying to hold on to the loss


MKD should be on for Mudo in any circumstance, bringing him on for Pizarro is just a head-scratcher, there goes whatever physical and defensive presence in our midfield.

Oh and Sarabia is like a breath of fresh air, can he start oh Berrizo the mighty and powerful?


Muriel with a header and a shot in the box both off target. So I guess WBY is our first choice striker? This sucks


This is embarrassing


Sevilla might have the initiative . . . and it’s gone

3-0 to valencia


Ok, I’m getting close to the Berrizo Vete ya team. 8 goals to 1 in the last 2 games is shameful.


Make it 9 in 2, everything is falling apart


Guedes fucking ran this shit. He’s on some Messi/Ronaldo shit. What a player.

Dicen que siempre se rinde esta temporada.


Fair score.

From what i see so far, failure in replacing sampaoli,

and failure in player transfer.

Three choice: sack berizzo, hopefully buy one or two good player in January, or believe in berizzo.


We have a few problems

Clown No.1 - Sergio Rico, so NOT a goalkeeper
Clown No.2 - Muriel, not a player of this level
Clown No 3 - Berizzo, not able to read a game, select the correct players, make the correct substitutions.
Clown No.4 Nolito, talented but too many foolish actions
Clown No.5 Banega, it was just last week that I said he CANNOT dribble in defensive positions where losing possession results in a goal.

Navas below level, but plenty good enough earlier in the season.
Kjaer Good
Escudero below level, possibly hiding an injury
Sarabia always in the game, good enough
Pizarro in the game but not enough talent


Enough is enough, no more excuses. Under the current conditions, it cannot get worse, but this catastrophe will only continue.

If the management wants to save the season, sack Berizzo. If the new coach wants to save the season, start Soria from now on until January, then in January look for a new serious goalie.

Also, fuck off Muriel. Didn’t do shit tonight. I still rate him more than WBY, but I’m not a fanboy of any player, especially not the ones that simply don’t give a crap and waste countless chances.

With a new coach and a new system (still not sure what this system was anyway), we might do something. We have the players, they just need some proper guidance. Also January will serve for a couple of signings and a couple of departures as well if the management will care enough (always if we make it to the next CL round).

Nunca se rinde! … but we need immediate changes before it is too late.



Muriel and WBY COMBINED are not even close to Bacca’s class imo.


Muriel is not in any class


Most expensive player in the history of the club… LOL


Monchi’s farewell gift


What a shambles we have become this season, lose the next game against leganes which is quite possible, then how many will we concede with this defence against Barca? It’s looking like a mid table finish at best…
Now to top it all I have to go out and spend the evening with some Betis fans.


Sevilla Bacca? Absolutely. The current Bacca at Villarreal is not the same player.


Broke the previous record held by club legend Arouna Kone.

Don’t spend big money on strikers that don’t score in top 5 leagues.