Valencia Chat


holy shit. was gonna say i thought we were doing ok (mostly we were). what a goal.

show some grit. show some pride guys. turn this around.


No chance we finish with 11.


Jeez what a goal. Muriel looks tired. Pizarro looks slow. Pretty sad to think of how much money we spent this summer but can’t figure out how to get good chances on goal


Maybe Ganso is our best hope? haha


We committed 13 fouls in the first half. We have no commitment to actually playing defense.


Our goalie is a clown.

No chance that Pizarro will avoid the second yellow.

Only Correa can dig us out of this mess and there’s no guarantee.


Valencia by far the better team. We are slow and weak, the culprits of the first half: Nolito and Pizarro. Why not give Geis a chance as jolazo mentioned? Also Correa is way better in these matches with wide open spaces, Nolito is simply a shadow of his former self and should start vs. tight defenses to try and do something, he is too slow and lacks the pace or passing skills to do anything vs. this very energetic Valencia.

Muriel getting no service at all… what a shame. The only passes he got were in the middle of the field, and that shitty pass from Nolito when 3 vs 2.

As for Pizarro… he simply is not up to Sevilla’s standard… or better yet, top 6 La Liga standard.

Also a pity that Lenglet got off injured and Corchia received a stupid yellow right after coming in… not looking good at all and would be very surprised if we finish the match with 11 players.


Start watching from 30 minutes, Valencia is simply more superior. Much more fluid attach and better technique.
The transformation of monchi to arias and sampaoli to berizzo is not good.


What was Rico supposed to do with that shot? I mean he can’t help that three freaking Sevilla defenders are out of position and can’t control a 20 year old.


Valencia resembling Liverpool with this fast-pace ultra-attacking. They are very very good this season, a team to envy.


muriel looked shattered after 20mins he’s clearly not fit and could do with losing a few pounds


What did Rico do wrong that half?


Fitter than Wissam Ben Tap-in lol


wow vasquez that was terrible


Thank god Sampaoli and Berrizo prefer to spend tons of money on South Americans from 2nd tier leagues instead of more proven European based players


And that’s a real striker for you right there. As soon as he got the ball in that position, I knew it was in.


Unlike that bullshit from Muriel.


Just shoot it guys. Don’t’ be scared


Make a fucking change, Berizzo, while the match is still within reach


Carlos Soler and Guedes are making piecemeal of our defense, Pizarro could use a partner to help him and Muriel is just ugh, he hasn’t had a lot of support and when the support does come his control (or lack of it) fails him. Kongdogbia also showing what what we are missing, he’s doing the work of two players out there. Would be nice to see N’zonzi match up with him but that won’t change the outcome of this match.