Summer 2018 Transfer Rumors


Figured we would start a new chat for the Summer transfer rumors that are already happening.

First one up that I have heard is interest in Oliver Torres from Porto.


Yaya Toure rumored to have signed a pre-contract with us. Also, Hebei China Fortuna has rescinded M’bia’s contract so he has returned to live with his family in Sevilla.

If we’d be able to get both M’bia and Yaya as N’Zonzi’s replacements, that would’ve been awesome. We could sign both of them for 2 seasons, with an option of 1 more for M’bia… why not :stuck_out_tongue:


Yaya Toure will be 35yrs old by the start of next season. I hope this rumour is wrong :astonished:


Experience counts :stuck_out_tongue: