"Sevillistas all over the world"


Hi! How are you? I haven’t entered here in Monchi’s Men in a long time, to be honest (I had to create a new username and account, actually jajaja), but I decided to create this topic to let you know something that I saw at Sevilla FC’s official Twitter account in English that may interest some of you… :wink:

"If you’re a sevillista and you live abroad, send us a video of how you experience our matches and be a part of our next SFC TV report! Send us your video via Wetransfer at cm@sevillafc.es!"


Welcome back to MM Ruiz.

That is a very nice initiative from SFC TV.

It’s a pity that I didn’t record the occasions when watching the 2016 UEL final match in my city’s center (open air), all Liverpool fans around and only me as Sevillista (along with 2 of my friends converted for that match). It was crazy.

Also the matches vs. Juventus in local pubs, then matches vs. Barca and RM (the close and interesting ones of course) at home… I should be recording myself whenever Sevilla plays.


Great! :+1:
Where do you live, by the way?


Welcome back. Lots of changes I guess since the last time you were around. I hope you keep coming frequently!


In Prishtina, Kosovo (SouthEast Europe).


Me too! :stuck_out_tongue:
I really like this forum format, by the way!


Ah, jaja, OK! That sounds interesting! How is life there?


Well… can’t complain. Good for some, worse for others. I think in overall this region (Balkans) was not prepared for Democracy. In the past it was too good to be true for today, in the Socialist system of ex-Yugoslavia. The politics are ruining things up, just as everywhere else with poor political management.

Where are you from Ruiz? By the name I’m guessing Spain? Don’t tell me a native from Sevilla?


Thanks for the post and the information from the official SFC account. I must have missed that one!

I’m currently in Inverness, Scotland, UK

What about you?


You’re damn right! :sweat_smile:

And yep, jeje, I’m sevillano… and sevillista! :wink: