Sevilla v Real Betis - Match Comments


I think we need to buy big, the problem would be getting rid of the waste surplus.


Need a dominate CB for sure.



A pity that these fans had to endure watching their beloved team concede 5 goals against the eternal rivals. These fans do not deserve it, nor do any Sevillistas around the world.

Hopefully the glory days of Sevilla will return through proper managing, fingers crossed.


Brian, your profile picture bears a striking resemblence to Anthony William Curry, can you confirm?


Yes the one and only. The best player to wear the shirt in my lifetime & boyhood hero. Good spot :yum:


I’m not sure who that is. Care to educate? Google search didn’t bring up much.


Just search for Tony Currie Chris.


Would have helped if I spelled his surname correct, was sure it was Curry (with Tony Currie and Terry Curran people would often say Terry Curry).

He was one of the all time greats, scored some magic goals, class.

Still think George Best was the best player ever though.