Sevilla v Atletico Madrid – Copa del Rey – Quarter Final 2nd Leg


I remember Alcorcon knocking them out Tim and seem to remember Getafe beating Madrid 5-0 once after losing the first leg 4-0? Although my memory is a bit sketchy on that one.


I think anything but CL football next season should be considered a fail. Huge investments going down the drain in that case.


We do also need to ensure we retain CL so we become recognised as a constant CL team, to help attract new players and retain current ones.


We’ll face Leganes in the Semis. Not bad, considering we dodged Barca and Valencia. It would’ve been much better to face Valencia and sink their morale as suggested above, but I guess it will be up to Barca to do that.

Leganes should be taken seriously though, so that we can avoid unpleasant surprises.


Avoiding Barca is a positive I guess. But either way we will probably have to beat the to win the CDR.

Should be able to beat Leganes but as ShendM says, we can’t take them lightly. They just knocked out RM and their confidence in this comp would be sky high.


The cup doesn’t interest me normally until we get to a final then I want to win it. But I’m already up for this one.


If we make it to the final I will miss attending my only game of the season! :joy::joy:

Falls on the same weekend as Real Madrid at home


that escalated quickly lol


I’ve often wondered what the tourists in that hotel make of it all on match days.

Loved hearing the little kid singing along


Those poor horses. haha


So I guess this happened today: Castro was trying to find the ball for Betis.


Nothing bothers those Andalusian horses, they are so laid back I’ve seen them standing right next to fireworks that are more like motar shells going off and they don’t even blink.


I did go to one of those dancing horse shows when I was there in 2002. I can’t remember what town it was, but those horses are impressive.


A fantastic win! To beat atletico over 2 legs is tough to do. We beat them home and away and it shows that we do have a quality and a good team.

We just need to keep this pattern of play and keep playing with this passion. If we can get a few reinforcements in, it will strengthen us, for the challenges ahead.

We got lucky drawing leganes in the semi. A huge opportunity to get to the final. Plus we still got the CL last 16 to look forward too.

Despite the downs, we still in 3 comps and we still have an outside chance of top 4. We need to go on a run now!

Still let’s hope for exciting times ahead and that we settling under montella and we can have a strong 2nd half of season


Valencia have lost 4 of their last 6 league games.


And they play Atletico away next week.