Sevilla v Atletico Madrid – Copa del Rey – Quarter Final 2nd Leg


Draw is on Friday.


well that was fun! not sure I’ll be able to get to sleep now though!


Very interesting how things changed quickly within less than 2 weeks. If this is the Sevilla that we’ll be watching until at least the end of the season, then sign me up for it!


Navas should try RB like 5 or 10 years ago


Exacto, Preciso


Biris should have showed up at the training grounds weeks prior. :slight_smile:


Book your tickets to Kiev now, boys. Montella is taking us to the top!


How about a big FU to Vitolo tambien! Left for bigger and better things. Only one team is still in Champions League and Copa Del Rey and he can’t even find the pitch in an important tie.


Was funny seeing him warm up, only to sit on the bench again… poor traitor!


Best chant of the game, after we went 3-1

“Bring on Vitolo, Cholo bring on Vitolo”


Don’t know how to sum that game up except to say good game. Three saves by Rico, one of which was difficult and at a massively important moment.

It must be time to rotate a little now, Corchia out but Navas willing and able there. Lenglet is probably due a rest, we’ll see. Muriel was limping quite severely when he left the bench to celebrate the third goal.

The most revealing comment by Montella regarding the change of style and fortune is that he told the squad to be more direct and less elaborate in their build ups and you could see that added verticality last night.


Watching Alaves Valencia, Alaves look like they’re going to extra time at 3-3 global. Valencia not looking so clever so far in 2018.


Great win and performance! We scored some magical goals last night! We seem to have really turned a corner!

Let’s keep it going? Vamos!


Real Madrid out of the cup

Leganes win 1-2 (2-2 global) and go through.

It’s opening up for Sevilla

Valencia go through on penalties


The often denied “engineered” R madrid v Barca final is dead yet again.:grinning:

Really enjoyed watching those two games tonight, well done to Leganes, two great goals to put out R Madrid. Serves the arrogants’ right for playing what was close to a a second-string 11 in a quarter final. I’m now hoping that PSG can kick them out of the CL and leave them with nothing. Florentino Pérez will not be happy tonight :joy::joy::joy::grinning:

Alaves rode their luck and put up a good fight, but just couldn’t quite make it count against Valencia.


I don’t know if it was his haircut, but Navas looked different at RB. He looked more mature in his game and very poised. It’s as if he was meant to play there. Should we still go after Aleix now? Like DDA mentinoned, he should’ve tried it 5yrs ago.

Sarabia looking like what we seen from him last season in terms of end product. On course for another 10 & 10 season. Was always dangerous when he moved infield.

Interesting to see what Montella does vs Getafe. The continuity of that starting XI was much needed though. I just hope it doesn’t send the wrong message to WBY, but only makes it fresher. It’s also the only way i see Mudo getting better. He seemed more effective once the game broke open, so it’s steps in the right direction i guess.

Can’t wait for the draw tomorrow. At this stage, i don’t care who we get; the players & fans will be amped. Personally, i’d like Valencia for a little revenge, and to put a dent in their morale for the 2nd half of the season.



If we shift Navas back to RB, we still might need a RW to cover for Sarabia. Corchia is there in the mixt for RB also, but it would be a fatal mistake shifting Mercado back to RB, ever. Mercado’s career should end at the CB position, and as long as Sampaoli is the coach of Argentina, he will be called up and play in his 3-5-2 as a right CB. Only Berizzo was stubborn enough not to shift Mercado to CB. He’s a beast at CB, while a chicken at RB (mostly because of his lack of pace).

It’s always better to have 4 solutions for a particular wing. At the left we have Correa, Nolito, Escudero and Arana/Carole. At the right we have Sarabia, Navas, Corchia… ideally Vidal would be included in the mix, hopefully.


This is why you should look where you are going, not at your phone.


Brian, the engineered final used to be worse, it got to the stage that Real Madrid beat Real Madrid B (Castellon) in the 1980 final. B teams were banned from the competion in 1990. Fifteen years after Franco’s death, they thought it was time to stop that happening again.

Now the top teams are placed on the same side of the draw so they can’t meet each other until the later stages. But It didn’t stop Alcorcon knocking out real Madrid about 10 years ago.

Sevilla and Barca are the only Spanish sides alive in 3 competitions.


Amazing! Hope we draw Valencia and destroy their ego. Not too fussed though as we have to beat whoever to win the final.

Would you consider this a good year with a Copa title, Round of 16 finish CL and 5th in La Liga? Or would you consider that a fail?