Sevilla @ Athletic: 1st leg - CdR Round of 16


I would have WBY’s kids if it was possible! What a player


Miarma :heart:


Himno in the background load and clear!


Nolito with 1 goal and 2 assists :slight_smile:


Wasn’t it 2-3 last year, then we lost at home but went through to the final on away goals, not sure, memory fail.


We beat Atleti in both legs in the quarters, and I think we beat Leganes(?) 1-0 away to go through.


Taking care of business


We’re almost through with this result. 1 down and 2 to go with Bilbao.

The next match on Sunday will be quite different I believe, they’ll give their all to beat us.

Amadou was MASSIVE tonight… props to Nolito for the goal and assist and of course, WBY/Silva delivering as usual.



Fantastic win by the team! We have 1 foot in the quarters! Plus we dealt a psychological blow to them. Hopefully we repeat the result on Sunday too! Mentally this will help! Great result, at a ground we tend to struggle at!


It was UEFA 2016. We went through on penalties. It’s easy to forget all the success of Sevilla, there have been so many achievements. Betis fans don’t have the same problem remembering their few trophies.


Couldn’t ask for a better result. All goals scored were clinical and all involved Nolito! Gives us a case for strength in depth, unless he’s playing his heart out for a move away? But in fairness, one thing i can’t fault Nolito for is his workrate. Always puts in a shift. He played great as a support striker, and made up the numbers in midfield. MOTM?

Amadou played his role to near perfection, covering for a mistake-prone backline, and brought the ball out well from defense to attack. Can see his effect in our 2nd goal.

This was the downfall of our first half. Thank heavens Mudo was there between them to string things together. He was very efficient with the ball and dictated the tempo of our attacks. His influence waned, and nearly cost us a 1st half equilizer by doing a bit too much in our own half.

Haven’t seen much from our wingbacks today except for making bad passes. You could tell players want to get the most out of Promes, cause he must be showing his ability in training. RWB obviously isn’t for him, but he must learn the system (and the league) before he can showcase his talent.

Can’t wait for Sunday’s game. We should have Navas for that one. Let’s torment them once more! ¡VAMOS MUCHACHOS!


Levante dominating Barca (basically B squad)


VAR mistery solved (and it’s really simple, not)

According to the referee the previous move (with the offside) was considered part of the second attack because although Mudo partially controlled the ball with his chest, he was immediately robbed and he never established control of a space or area with the ball. This, the referee contends, signifies that the two attacks were one and the same move.