Sevilla @ Athletic: 1st leg - CdR Round of 16


Aduriz is a very filthy player… he should’ve seen red after that nasty elbow on Carrico, glad that he’s out now.

We were playing well until the last 15-20 mins of the first half where they took the upper hand. VAR goes in our favor… something we’re not quite used to, but I must say it is enjoyable.

It’s a battle of B teams and we’re a bit better in that part. I can see us going through to the next round. Another goal or two would be more than welcome to seal the tie up!


Vamos Sevilla! Great 1st half!


How come Chris? how can VAR refer to an earlier move, that’s not precedented. I’ll upload the VAR photo, I realise you have different images on your feed.



Chris is right. When they use VAR, they can look at the plays leading up to the goal. On the first Bilbao cross that we partially cleared to Capa, Aduriz was offsides and got a glancing touch before Mercado headed it back out to Capa.


Offside was on the cross before that where Aduriz got a touch.

#AthleticSevillaFC 0-1 (45') Esta es la polémica acción del gol anulado al Athletic. Aduriz estaba en fuera de juego en la jugada anterior al tanto rojiblanco #CopaDelRey

— ElDesmarque Sevilla FC (@eldesmarque_sfc) January 10, 2019


I’m sure he is because the image shows onside, but read the caption, they were looking at the final move.


VAR counts the whole length of play/action before any stoppage. In that case, VAR showed that Aduriz was offside on the first cross, then the rest of the play was alright, however, it should’ve stopped at that first cross if the referee would’ve been cautious enough.


That’s a crap job by the broadcaster, then. See the tweet from ElDesmarque above with the actual offside.


At first I thought they were onside and then our broadcast showed the earlier cross where the offside occurred.


Okay time to get WBY or Sarabia warmed up


Now Sevilla are really in the sink hole. Totally bad bad bad. They need to get this together or the weekend will be hell.


Silva scores, thank god there’s no VAR on this one :grinning:


Gol de Sevilla! Well done Silva! Muy bien Nolito¡!


Great ball Nolito. No worries from Silva.


Nolito a goal and an assist. Maybe that will get him some interested purchasers. :wink:


Sevilla still can’t manage the possession, same with Banega on, perhaps they can defend and use Silva on the counter attack.


And Mudo is already tired.


It seems that Sevilla are gradually recovering, Ben Yedder about to enter


Another assist for Nolito. WBY didn’t even look up. Just smacked it.