Sevilla at Barcelona: 2nd leg - CdR QF


Which is bigger: the gulf in ability between Barcelona vs Sevilla at home, or between Sevilla at home vs Sevilla away?

The game was there for the taking. A free pen was given to us as well. Only ourselves to blame.


We don’t show up when it’s most expected, only when not expected (we’ve done miracles) but that’s not a sign of a team with a winner mentality.

A winner mentality is when a team HAS to win or HAS to qualify and hold a certain lead even against a tough opponent, but we almost never do it.

Atletico has instilled the winning mentality throughout the years and they are tough to beat now, they don’t go out easily, let alone get humiliated like this. A team that gets humiliated like this is a dead-beat team.

I’m just venting because the management have never taken a serious step for us to develop into something bigger… and now we have to deal with such consequences, getting hugely embarrassed vs. a not any special Barca compared to their golden era.


What you’re asking takes time Shend. We could only hope to consistently make the CL for mgmt to be comfortable enough to spend. The pay structure in La Liga is as unfair as the refereeing. Even Atlético’s in a different class than us. We’re in our own league where 4th place is the title.

This summer will be telling. First, if we pay André Silva’s clause, and if we spend even more money to reinforce in other areas. CL football attracts better talent.


Oh my, what a humiliation… We can’t play away, that’s for sure. Suddenly, I am afraid of Celta…


Got to be honest here, although at first glance the score suggests a humiliation I think with a bit of luck the score could have been far closer.
If the biased ref had not given the penalty that never was and had the back heel from Silva gone in. Then if Banega scored our penalty it would have been very different.
All ifs, buts and maybes. But all in all I thought we put up a decent display against the best team in the world.
You can put their last 2 goals down to us chasing our 2nd.
My only criticism is aimed at Machin. Why did Ben Yedder not start? and after not starting him why did he not then bring him on for the start of the 2nd half when we needed goals? We were crying out for someone to convert our crosses into the area. By the time Machin made the changes it was far too late.

Looking at tonight as a blessing in disguise let’s now get our injured players fit and go all out for that top 4 finish, concentrate on the Europa league, and leave the CDR to Barca & R Madrid who I would put my savings on not meeting each other in the semi finals.

Vamos mi Sevilla.


Hey Rene, welcome back man. Sorry I was very disappointed last night and forgot to say hi back even after noticing your Kanoute’s avatar which was recognizable, though I skimmed through the other posts and went straight to venting as I was in a bar watching the match lol.

How have you been? Glad to see you back here!


It will surely be a tricky match and after this pounding, I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose in Balaidos.


Well the Celta coach has been told more or less that this game is his last chance, lose to us and he loses his job.
We can only hope that their players want him out.


We haven’t been comfortable playing at the Camp Nou for the last 15 years and this was no exception, just didn’t expect such a thrashing. With the CDR out of the way we can concentrate on more tangible targets such as Europa or a top 4 finish.

I’ve heard Maxi Gomez might be on his way out so not sure if Celta are going to tough this out, they are shaky both at home and away, and are not starting Rulli for reasons best known to their manager.


I am in Brian’s camp as far as the game goes. A few little things change and it is a different outcome. We got really stretch and exposed at the end leading to some great Barca counters that expanded the score.


Good job I didn’t place the bet :open_mouth: