Sevilla at Barcelona: 2nd leg - CdR QF


atrocious PK. pick a damn corner and put it there.


Hey @Rene1! that was terrible by Banega. He’s not our best PK taker imo.


Even WBY missed a crucial pen at the Supercup. Where has our clutch gene gone?

Game is getting heated, and i love it.

Edit: Whatup Rene !!


Uggg Mesa getting bated into a yellow there with the douchebag Suarez.


this has started poorly


Well that lead is gone. Soriano gets caught in no mans land and our former captain taps it home.


There’s def a red card in this game.


Promes exposing Alba tonight :eyes:


I’m more scared of Ter Stegen right now than of Messi. How did he stop that back heel from Silva? If that doesn’t go in then I have no idea what will against this guy


I’m scared now too! Especially with Ter Stegen sitting on the bench. :wink:


André Silva unlucky not to have a goal yet. He’s getting the better of Piqué, and is holding up well on his own. Sarabia has been good too playing just off him.

I like the balance in our midfield. I’m always astonished at Mesa’s acceleration. Messi isn’t having a great game, but is still a class above, and we only hope to contain him.

Our backline hasn’t been too bad, but were caught ball watching on the Rakitic goal. Ref got the penalty laughably wrong. Mesa was even offside when he received the pass that led to our penalty.

We’re still in this, and they aren’t really playing lights out football. ¡Vamos boys!


I guess Banega just made the back up look like him with the ease in saving the PK


Have to feel that Vaclick would have had that.


not that one, but the prior one haha they are coming in bunches now.




Machin has made the two changes I suggested earlier, and better, has taken off Banega, now we can win on away goals (possible) but who will score that goal, WBY, Silva or Sarabia?


We have a losers mentality, that’s it. This won’t change until we go the Atletico route, for which there is no single sign.


I don’t understand your point.


Well Bryan appeared for I don’t know who? and we impoded with two more goal against, error.


Now we can concentrate in la liga /old excuse