Roque Mesa


One of the surprises of the season, but for the wrong reasons. I’m absolutely shocked at how he’s performed so far. There were only a few bits in that 0-0 Villarreal game that impressed me, but this guy has really been dreadful. To think he’d be our most important CM has me at a loss. He doesn’t create or destroy like he used to.

Remember that Betis game? Surely you would of thought he’d be the last guy to lose his head like that. I know we were robbed with his red card, but he even admitted he had a poor game. But he still hasn’t improved since.

What do you guys think? Is he struggling to find his form, or is he really on the way down?


I think his Las Palmas days are over and that was more or less his career peak. We can’t expect anything more from him at this point as he’ll only continue to decline.


Sandro and mesa both rot on mid table premier league team’s bench.
And they didn’t get a pass in 2nd half of last season IMO.
This kind of performance is what I expected from mesa, just like last season.
Luckily we didn’t bought Sandro.


He’s still very good at shielding the ball, but it seems like when we played 3-4-3, he was trying way too hard to be the “defensive presence” next to Banega. Which ended up with him committing multiple stupid early fouls and getting booked within the first 20 minutes. The most discouraging part has been the simple giveaways that have allowed other teams to counter quickly.


I will give him a bit longer to try and prove himself. As he does do some good things but ultimately there is a lot he needs to work at!


He needs to calm down and stop trying too hard to run the midfield on his own. I think the move to us came a couple of years too late to be honest.
He is at best a fringe player to bring on around the 70 minute mark, just to give others a rest when we are winning comfortably.
I have to agree with ddadogba. Sandro last season was just the same, he tried too hard to impress and also failed.


I think we can keep playing him but not for the full match, maybe start him but sub him around 70 minutes or have him come around the 60 minute mark to see out the game. He has a role to play but given his decline he is a role player at this point. Reinforcements needed asap, luckily Machin said he is already looking at 2 players.

Another surprise of the season and for the right reasons is Mudo, he has really become a constant thorn to the opposition and is even bringing his game in the defensive side, in the win over Eibar he tackled the ball cleanly then ran for 5 meters to prevent it from going out of play, wow.