Option For Moving To New Stadium


So there was news today that there is a proposal from the board to move from the RSP to the Estadio La Cartuja similarly to what Atletico did this season. It would increase the Sevilla FC seating capacity to around 70K.
What are your thoughts?

I hope they don’t do this. The RSP with the new renovations seems plenty nice for our team, plus all of the local pubs would suffer without the home games.


I haven’t seen this news Chris. I can only think it would be considered while RSP was being expanded. Have you got a link for it?



Wow, I’m a bit traditional but I’m tempted to say yes to it, but there’s a lot of ‘ifs’.

If you open the PDF file it looks incredible inside but it would cause a lot of division amongst the fans because la Cartuja is a bit out of the way. There’s also the cost and the time, it looks like a complete rebuild of the olympic stadium, ripping out the running track, re-situating the seating closer to the field, building a third tier to the grades.

I also think Sevilla would get more than €160m for the plot of land in Nervion but a complete rebuild of the olympic stadium is going to cost a lot more (Wembley cost 1 billion). Though it would have large earning potential with rock concerts and other tournaments. There is also a lot of free land adjacent along the river that could potentially be converted to the training facilities (which are presently of third world quality).

But the real killer is 20 bars (imagine 60,000 people wanting a cerveza on a hot night)

It’s a bit of a pipe dream, or a magnet for any meglomaniac entrepreneur.

Could be a shared project between Sevilla FC and the council, who never run out of other peoples money.


Ah well, I’ve learned that SevillaFC have rejected this totally, not in line with official club policy.


Great news!