Liverpool Chat (Part 2, BATTLE OF THE TITANS!)


This is painful to watch! I was so wrong, we getting ripped apart!


3 -0 is a fair result.

We are an average team, period.


To be honest, “average” is very generous.

Other clear minded strong team fans analyse that our front three and 2 side back are actually shit. And of course the coach.


Side Note, WYB recently said that he wants to be in France natinal team, it’s a good example shows that how off the ground these players are.
They including Berizzo need to have a reality check.


We are really lucky to still be 2nd in this group. Spartak May have blown it against Maribor twice.

We lost 5-1 in Spartak and now 0-3 at HT against Liverpool. If we sneak through, i’ll Still be delighted but we will have been lucky. It proves if we meet any top team we gonna get battered. We need to add players in January and improve our defence and style of play. We need to recover our injured players.

We don’t look ready for champions league and good enough for last 16 but the good thing is, we can still qualify and try and sort ourselves out between now and February.

We need to save pride 2nd half. It would be a shame to see our great home form end in this meekly fashion. Vamos sevilla!


We had to be clinical in the final third for Sevilla to have a chance in this game. Those two misses sealed the deal. In no way was a defense with a third string CDM playing CB and an RB coming back off injury going to slow down Liverpool’s counter attack. What is disappointing is the piss poor marking on a set piece. That shouldn’t happen once, let alone, twice.


Geis having a nightmare. WBY, Nolito not helping much. Mercado way way off, and of course, non-existent Rico (bar one and a half save where the shot was too directly at him, not that he did something extra in those cases).

We are a pathetic, non-serious team. I really think Berizzo should be sacked, he is not a bad coach in overall, but simply not for Sevilla’s level. He is suited to manage mid-table teams like Celta and try to do something from the underdog position. Little does he know that all of Europe now fears Sevilla and almost every team in the league plays seriously against us, trying to defeat us at all costs.

A better coach and urgently a CB is needed by January if we want to save the season. We might also do with another CF and why not bring back Vidal. Or, bring back Vidal and shift Mercado to CB as he’s definitely not useful as RB when we need to attack, not useful at all, only costs goals from counters when he’s not defending.

The undisputed fact is that once a team really wants to beat us and is capable to do so, they will, easily, unless extra-ordinary miraculous luck is with us (for example like vs. Liverpool in the first match and Basaksehir in the second match of play-offs).

In overall the 2 goals conceded from the corners were extremely amateurish… poorest marking ever seen from Mercado and Sarabia, but the team was foolish enough to concede twice from the SAME set piece strategy. Also a huge shame to be down 0-3 at RSP, having not lost for over a year here, the fans to do not deserve it. Better fucking get 5 reds so the match ends officially 0-3 rather than risking to concede more and widen the margin, OR fucking do something and score at least 1-2 so it doesn’t look extremely bad.



Pure comedy. WBY is a very average player that could fit well in Segunda or bottom teams in La Liga. I’d bet he couldn’t start in mid-table teams… too physically weak and wastes too many chances, waits for tap-ins, fuck off WBY.

Berizzo also is not a coach for Sevilla’s caliber.


Shift Mercado inside replace Geis with Navas or Corchia - only chance we got. Need Correa’s magic here too.


I think the reality would be Berizzo told everyone it is his responsibility for this lost after the match, but then… Incapable of improve anything.
And then we probably finish 5th or 6th at the end and he got sacked.
Just my educated guess.


So our answer is to take off N’zonzi? what the fuck Bizarro?


Great, at least we score.


Not offside.


Berizzo give a good team talk at half time apparently.


Wow So unlucky there. Vamos boys!




WOW so crazy!


This is only the NUNCA SE RINDE magic nothing else. I remember when we were turning games over with the likes of Duscher… perhaps as Chris said, this is why I love Sevilla… pure LOVE no gloryhunting and they always always put us on an emotional roller-coaster these fucking bastards!

Thank you Sevilla!


Give credits to Berizzo and the team and especially the fans.
They should play every matches like second half.



I think we channeled a little M’Bia tonight. :slight_smile: