Liverpool Chat (Part 2, BATTLE OF THE TITANS!)


Yes but we need to concede 3 in the first half… initially?


I can’t believe it! We never say die! Unbeaten home record goes on. If only we had a defence lol. We need our centre backs to return and we may need to sign 1 or 2 in jan with a CF. However, going forward we are awesome. What character and quality shown.

They did the fans proud 2nd half and the atmosphere was electric. Fans were brilliant too. It keeps the group open. Liverpool favourites still for 1st. However, Spartak still could qualify themselves. We not safe yet, as usual the sevilla way, we could finish 2nd, 1st or god forbid 3rd. Same goes for Spartak and Liverpool. Gonna be a dramatic last day in group


Really liked the response in the second. I slammed WBY, Geis and Berizzo a lot in the first, and more or less things remain the same, but WBY got 2 goals, 1 created by himself through penalty, Berizzo definitely had something to do with the first half talk and Geis… not sure if he did better or Liverpool were just too weak in the second half, they didn’t attack anymore and Geis started to play more offensively, allowing him to contribute in the build up play.

Now, it doesn’t mean that WBY is better than an average striker, however, scoring 6 goals in 5 matches is not that easy in CL. Even when CR does it vs. the likes of Apoel etc., they praise him, so… not sure. Extremely confusing this Sevilla… I mean, part of me likes the mystery element, being very unpredictable and all that, but part of me wants to get rid of this altogether and have some stability. Conceding 3 in the first and scoring 3 in the second to draw is not good for the heart, doctors say…


Ben Yedder is such a magnificent troll


Always a rollercoaster ride supporting sevilla! Why I love them though! How’s everything feeling about our chances now. Can we win in Maribor and still maybe top the group?

Liverpool have a tough last game with spartak. Funny enough, our miracle comeback was great news for Spartakas it means it’s in their hands also to qualify. If they beat Liverpool they qualify. Therefore if we beat Maribor we want Spartak to draw or beat Liverpool. If we slip up to Maribor we need Liverpool to win haha.

Vamos sevilla!


It can get very ugly if we don’t win vs. Maribor… but I’m fully confident we will win there, as they have nothing to play for and we will at least score 1, so can’t see conceding from them to be honest, they’re too weak.

We can finish 1st if Liverpool slips, and they have all the possibilities to do so considering that they drew the first match vs. Spartak, and the Russians will fight hard for a spot in the 1/16th for their own, so who knows.

Our job is to make sure we beat Maribor, the rest is bonus.


Apparently, just a point at Maribor sees Sevilla go through, regardless of the Liverpool Spartak result, and if Spartak don’t win, then Sevilla are through anyhowz.

As for the game, as soon as I saw Geis on the teamsheet the warning bells were ringing (well they were ringing before to tell the truth, is was a major blow to lose Kjaer) , how could that back 2 pairing work, with so little preparation, against Liverpool. But as the game went on Geis grew into that position, where he has only played twice. In the second half he was a giant in defence and got forward to support attack. Also, he’s got the nod as set piece specialist. Magic happens.

It would have been logical to play Corchia with Mercado inside and even Navas can play wingback position but we don’t know the condition of Corchia and in the end it worked out to some degree.

That second half performance will do wonders for the confidence.


We need another Banega or someone with a football brain on the same frequency. Because even when Banega plays shiit and loses possession, or his temper etc. he’s got the spark that provides the football. Never seen him work so hard as last night.


What a tremendous atmosphere inside the stadium last night.
After we scored the first the fans started to believe that maybe we could get something out of this game The noise was incredibly loud and intimidating, coming from all sides of the stadium. I’m sure this got to Liverpool and they started to make mistakes,you could actually sense their panic after the pen.

I love the theory written by a Liverpool journo in one of the reports I read that Alberto Moreno must have been hypnotised while at Sevilla and when the Sevilla fans chant a secret mantra he reverts back to playing for us.


What was shocking to me was that we played better without N’Zonzi in the lineup. That blew my mind.


Berizzo said there were too many ‘inoffensive’ passes and he put on Mudo to improve passes between lines, meaning between centre and attack. He told the players they could draw the game if they played the second part in Liverpool’s half. He guessed right.


Sevilla allowed Liverpool to sing their anthem uninterrupted, listened patiently, and then applauded it. When Sevilla started singing their anthem the Liverpool fans started singing to interrupt but it was drowned out. But Liverpool fans were OK in the bars with a good atmosphere, fans swapping scarves and chatting. Nothing like the Moscow fans who were extremely intimidating and drunk.


If the tv companies brought you a load of adverts just before kick off as is usual, you may have missed the light show which accompanied the himno, here it is.


Yes the initial TV that I was watching the match started to show the ads just before kick off, almost missed the great atmosphere and the spectacular choreography, but switched to another TV and watched it gladly.


They don’t like Alberto do they?