January Transfer Rumors


Rog is officially loaned.



Welcome Marko Rog!

Are we officially done for this window?

I hope we’ll have at least 1 more signing/loan before it ends.



Ok, just read that Caparros considered it closed so it’s done. Not bad… but could’ve been better especially with the striker, we naively rushed there.

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Personally, I’m a bit disappointed. I thought we might have had more ambition and bought a couple more, but then again, to be in our position with the amount of injuries we have suffered is absolutely incredible.

I’ve decided to have the escudo of sevilla tattoo, personalized with five stars for the five uefas, do you think I’m jumping the gun and should wait for the 6th?



Picks or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:

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Wait for the 6th.



After his loan at Amiens Sevilla FC have reached a transfer agreement with Rio de Janeiro club Fluminense for Ganso, there is no mention of any fee paid.

I always liked Ganso and hope he does well back in his native Brazil. For some reason he was never given much chance for us to see him shine at Sevilla but he never complained publicly and when on the few times he did play showed some great touches.

Good luck to him.



It was confirmed that Sevilla will not buy Andre Silva at the season end



Unless he explodes with 15+ goals here until the end of the season, that €40M can definitely be spent elsewhere.



Plus he isn’t needed with the other dude coming in.



I hope the dabbur guy is as good as others said



Dabbur might be the cheaper and more effective version of Silva (less superstar-pressure).



Silva was a bit of longshot to begin with, he started out on fire then petered out around November but could still contribute in a supporting role, unfortunately since the turn of the year he has hit bottom level and could not provide anything on the pitch. 40M was always going to be expensive and would be twice the cost of our most expensive signing - the mercurial Muriel so never expected it to be exercised. For that price we can get 2 good players.

And I wish we would be more aggressive even when the transfer window is closed, other clubs are active such as Valencia having already signed one of our rumored targets Jason from Levante on a pre-contract. Villarreal, Celta Viga and Valladolid are in danger of being relegated and if this is to pass I fully expect us to sign at least 1 player from their ranks, there is quality there and we have to take advantage.

There is some good news on the loan front though, Rico has stated he would like to stay at Fulham despite his team having conceded more goals than anyone else. And Muriel has scored 5 goals in 7 appearances in Serie A, so both have a chance of being sold. That would give us some much needed funds to strengthen the midfield and defense.



Somehow i feel this all could have been avoided had we signed a LB/LWB in January. Now, in 2019, we’re still heavily reliant on Escudero, and our near-record signing in Promes is playing out of position.



I’ve got a name, marc cucurella, plays for Eibar on loan from Barca, he’s only 20 and has added 2 assists in the 21 times he has played from left back to left wing. Barca may not take him back for reasons best known to them but I think we can try and go for him.