January Transfer Rumors


Can Morata play Europa League matches for us since he already played for Chelsea in the group stage?


Yes. Apparently he won’t be cup-tied due to the rule changing this season.


Trigueros would be wonderful… but we’ve never been linked with him (weirdly enough).


Sevilla offered 5.5M for Morata till the end of the season with buying option of 40M…this is nuts…


Why??? Ugg I mean the buy option is good, at least it isn’t a pure loan deal. But crazy to pay 5.5 million for a rental.


Jose Lara is out of contract?


Morata is probably one more option for the 40M forward they will spend next summer.
Silva is good but may not worth 38M in the board’s mind.
Maybe I’m wrong and they will spend 80M on 2 forward?


Caparros stated that we want to bring in a striker, a left central defender (back-up for Sergi Gomez) and a midfielder but that depends on the situation of Gonalons. I’d say go for the midfielder because we can’t expect much from a player that unfortunately broke his leg 2 times, quite injury prone and demanding much from him in the later stages of the season would be quite unfair.


I think Caparros wants Morata because he knows that Sevilla can’t keep Andre Silva for next season. He will want to go back to Milan.


Atletico Madrid have now made their move for Morata and are favourites to get him as they are willing to pay his entire wages.


Hopefully it turns out just like Batshuayi then.


It seems like it’s never happening the way the management want it. It’s either the second,third or fourth option. Not that Morata is a superstar world-class player but if we have been serious about him, snatch him up and let’s go, but that can’t happen can it?


Maybe we are playing some mind ‘f’ games to get other teams to drop $ on shitty players? haha


Chelsea are always a pain to deal with. They don’t even have a striker lined up. This Morata deal was always gonna stall, and of course, get other teams interested. Can Atletico save us from getting another undesirable striker a la Kalinic??

In other news, Sevilla are negotiating with Ajax for left-footed CB Max Wober (20 yo). The only Ajax CB i hear about is De Ligt, so this one’s under the radar. Fee rumoured to be €14M. So if i see this right, we’ll sell him to Barça in 18 months time? I see you Lenglet. History may be repeating itself.

For the short term, i don’t mind these recent developments. Let’s just hope we get what Machín wants.


I’m good with that!


Speaking of Milan, rumor that they are interested in Promes.


Can he move this window? I thought you couldn’t play for 3 different clubs in one season.


No clue.

One player that I like is Enis Bardhi at Levanté. I wouldnt mind seeing him in the red and white.


It would be ill seeing him wreck teams alongside Sarabia in midfield. The guy always impresses when i see him play.


Sevilla have abandoned their chase for Morata due to Chelsea’s financial demands…